Artificial trees

Artificial trees

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Artificial trees

The man of the third millennium, squeezed in the grip of a ubiquitous but cold and depersonalizing technology, is always in a hurry, with schedules marked by increasing commitments and, although he may be able to intelligently organize his days as a perfect manager, risks not having the material time to devote to the careful and scrupulous cultivation of the plants and flowers that he has chosen to have at home, which is then a very particular way of finding himself and his lost humanity.
For this reason, the option linked to the so-called artificial plants, capable of giving elegance and a remarkable sense of order to the house, is taking hold, resulting very similar to the real ones. Many companies are organizing to meet the demands.

The aesthetic performance is guaranteed, the prices are reasonable and adequate for all budgets, the maintenance costs are negligible, since it is not necessary to proceed with pruning, watering or fertilizing operations, which determines a significant containment of costs, in a period in which the price of water has increased significantly.Lately the fake plants are very used to enrich the green areas near the swimming pools or in the common spaces of the hotels and restaurants: also in these cases due to the need to contain the costs of managing the various activities.Simply put, with the option of fake trees you don't need a gardener to take care of cleaning up the fallen leaves. Among the contraindications it should instead be pointed out that the fake plants do not absorb carbon dioxide giving us energy, but for this reason we are already providing, because plants with special filters useful for this absorption are being studied.Maintenance and cleaning operations

The procedure for cleaning artificial plants is simple and affordable for everyone: it is a matter of dusting them periodically, but consistently. One piece of advice we can give you is to try using a hair dryer, which is very effective in these cases to eliminate the accumulation of dust in the most internal areas of the plant.
After having dusted the surface well you can proceed to the next phase, ie to the washing. It is a good idea to prepare a solution based on a liquid degreaser mixed with water and sprinkle it on the larger leaves to then pass small damp cloths on the flowers: being smaller, but also made of more fragile materials, they must be handled with greater delicacy.
To have a faster drying we can return to using the hair dryer, selecting the warm jet of air.

Procedure to be followed for cleaning fake flowers kept in pots

The procedure recommended for flowers held in pots is different. They should be taken individually and placed in a basin filled with warm water with neutral soap and left in the bathroom for a short time. Afterwards the treatment must be repeated, passing to a second container with clean water where to perform the definitive rinsing. At this point the flowers should be hung upside down on the clothes line, to achieve truly effective drying, in a place in semi-darkness or in any case not excessively exposed to direct sunlight.


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