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Olive harvester

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Characteristics of an olive harvester

The olive harvester is a machine much appreciated by all olive growers because it is a tool with which an efficient and rapid harvest can be made. It is also a very handy and easy to use tool. Among its many advantages, the harvester is an instrument that boasts good penetrability in the plant whether it is not leafy or whether the olive tree is very dense with branches. This tool generally allows the harvesting of all the fruits, even those most resistant to detachment from the plant and allows to have a clean and fast harvest beyond expectations and without absolutely hurting the olive trees. It is a useful tool and is very appreciated by olive growers also for its silence and its total reliability of collection. There are various models of olive harvesters: they are generally electric and each of them has its own characteristics, its own merits and particular advantages for use in the field. It is advisable to always choose the tool that is most suited to the size of the olive grove and the characteristics of the plants.

Agri model12

The agri12 humidifier is a high quality and safe tool. It has a collection apparatus that is composed of two brushes on which the plastic sticks are inserted: these, rotating at a speed of about 737Rpm, manage to collect even the most resistant fruits to the plant. Furthermore it does not transmit vibrations or recoils, thanks to its rotary movement. The engine is positioned at the bottom and determines an excellent balance of the structure of the tool and excellent head mobility. The machine is assembled with materials that are completely recyclable and can be totally regenerated in all its parts. Its engine is 1050 high power, 12V and 200 Watts. Its productivity is, at a minimum, from 130 160 kg of olives per hour now. Its initial length is 2.40 m but it can reach up to 3.4 meters with the appropriate extension. The weight, without the cable, is 3.15 kg. The extension with the transmission is from 50 centimeters up to 1 meter and the cable length is 8 meters. As an option you can have 14m for use with the generator. The average consumption is 6A and the estimated ratio is 1: 5.

Agrieuro elektra campagnola olive harvester

The elerie agriuro elektra campagnola olive harvester is a harvesting machine particularly suitable for trees that have well-trimmed foliage and are not too thick. The rakes comb the olive branches with an alternating motion that creates an exceptional smoothness between the branches. The motor, being placed at the bottom of the rod, gives the tool an exceptional balancing, which obviously translates into less fatigue for the olive grower during use and in a collection simplicity. Furthermore, the head of this machine, despite having large dimensions, has an almost negligible weight of only 1100 grams and the total weight of the tool is really small, only 3.4 kg. Furthermore this tool has the advantage of being very powerful and fast: it generates over 1250 beats per minute. The combs are in thermoplastic resin which gives flexibility and great resistance to use. The comb has longer teeth alternated with shorter ones: this creates a great ability to penetrate the fronds of the plant. The teeth can be replaced individually in the event of an accidental breakage.

Olive harvester: olive harvester for olives

The agritec oliviero company produces many models of which we see the main ones. The classic model is a must for the olive harvest, characterized by high yield and excellent penetration in the thick foliage of the plant. Its electronic control unit regulates both speed and power, but above all makes it particularly delicate and limits both exfoliation and micro-incisions on the branches to a minimum. It is a highly valued tool for organic olive growing. It is sold with a power supply with a 20-meter cable, a bag, a support foot and a snap for protection. The Oliviero flex model is a new electromechanical model with fantastic technology. The head is composed of rods of a composite material and boasts a patent based on their bending that increases the area and gives amazing results. The Synthesis model has excellent penetration in any plant, without damaging it in any way. It also has an excellent production capacity. The engine is positioned on the handle, moving the center of gravity downwards, which favors handling. It is recommended for small or medium olive growers.