Mcculloch chainsaw

Mcculloch chainsaw

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McCulloch chainsaw quality

The first McCulloch chainsaw was put on the market in 1949. At least for the first 20 years, the company made products for lumberjacks, then in the 1970s it started producing chainsaws for the consumer. McCulloch is a world leader in gardening products, thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in over 60 years of activity. The main features of the company chainsaws are: advanced technology, powerful engine, resistant materials, a wide choice of models and accessories, comfort of use and ergonomic handle. The sales network is also present in many countries around the world. All chainsaws are designed to provide high performance, reliability and durability. The models are designed to reduce fuel consumption, noise and carbon dioxide emissions to the fullest possible respect for the environment.

Technology and functions

McCulloch chainsaws are equipped with the new exclusive OxyPower engine, capable of reducing fuel consumption by 20% and polluting gas emissions by as much as 70%. Moreover they allow a better cutting efficiency thanks to a greater torque. The Soft Start system makes starting the tool easier by reducing the force required for tearing by 40%. The fuel pump deprives the air of the fuel passages, thus making starting even more rapid. Under the rear handle, the chainsaw has a practical tool holder. Among other functions we have the stop switch integrated with the air lever and the fuel level indicator. The soft handles allow comfortable use and the cutting view ensures a precise angle. The McCullogh chainsaw also features an inertial / manual chain brake.

Technical characteristics of chainsaw models

The new McCulloch range includes 5 types of chainsaws. CS 340 is a new generation model perfect for cutting wood and for simple gardening work. It has an engine of 34.4 cc of displacement and a power of 1.3 kW. At maximum power it reaches a speed of 9000 rpm. The tank has a capacity of 0.25 liters of mixture. The recommended length of the bar ranges from 35 to 40 cm. The maximum speed of the chain is 20 meters per second. The sound pressure level at the user's ear is 102 dB (A). The weight of the chainsaw is 5.2 kg, excluding the cutting unit. The other models are progressively more powerful as the CS 380, with a 38.2 cc engine and 1.4 kW of power. The CS 410 ELITE is a professional quality chainsaw suitable for intensive use. Start-up operations are quick and easy thanks to the two starter and stop controls. Maintenance is simple because access to the spark plug and air filter is quick and easy.

Mcculloch chainsaw: Accessories for chainsaws

The McCulloch chainsaw needs care and maintenance. This is why the company offers a wide range of accessories to help the user work safely, without problems, throughout the year. The accessories allow you to carry out more work. The series also includes numerous protection devices and tools to keep the products for a long time. The rolled bars have the tip profile designed to limit the risk of kickback and have more control during cutting. Furthermore, the bars have a coating against corrosion and scratches. The wide range of chains is designed to be compatible with almost all models. The sharpening kit must be used with a flat file for cleaning and maintenance of the blade. McCulloch also offers round files, their handles and 4 types of candles. Recommended accessories include a chainsaw bag, leg protectors, accident prevention boots, cut resistant pants, gloves with protection and semi-pro helmet.