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Bosch Shredder

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Generalities about the Bosch shredder

The Bosch shredder is very versatile and shreds all waste. It significantly reduces the volume of garden remains, cutting the various plant materials and even thick branches. The quality level of the shredders is high and they develop a great power. Some models are only suitable for shredding green and tender materials such as small and medium-sized branches, climbing plants, flowers and young hedges. Bosch also produces specific devices for the hardest materials such as large branches, thorny shrubs and old hedges. The filling opening of the electric tools is wide and facilitates the operations, together with the automatic entry function. The collection basket is also very capable, efficient and practical because it does not require frequent interruption of work. Bosch has equipped its shredders with a safety system that allows it to be turned on only after the collection basket has been inserted.

Bosch Rapid series shredders

The Rapid shredders, suitable for soft garden waste, are available in two versions AXT Rapid 2200 and ATX Rapid 2000. They are equipped with a sharp and precise blade and provide excellent shredding power. Let's see their main technical data. The electric tools have an engine of 2,200 and 2,000 watts of power respectively, have a maximum cutting capacity of 40 and 35 mm, a shredding capacity of 90 and 80 kg per hour and a weight of 12 and 11.5 kg. The models include a conveyor blade. The basic features of the shredders are: long-life tempered steel blade, laser cut; fast loading funnel for easy filling and rapid shredding; light weight which allows a comfortable transportability. The Highspeed Powerdrive motor has 12 newton cutting torque per meter. The cutting speed is 3,650 rpm.

AXT 1600 silent Bosch shredder

Silent shredders are versatile and very powerful appliances. The simplest is the AXT 1600 HP model. It can easily shred 33 mm thick branches with its 1,600 watts of power. The cutting system is helical. An oblique helical cutter slowly catches the branch, then compresses it and breaks it. No maintenance is required and the branches are dragged in silence and without repercussions. The hardened steel cutter ensures excellent durability over the entire cutting mechanism. The power tool develops a sound pressure level not exceeding 84 dB (A), which is why, among others, Bosch has achieved recognition for the Blue Angel environment. Another reason is the choice of ecological materials used for the production of shredders. Power tool accessories include lubricant spray, gardening gloves and full-protection goggles.

AXT silent models of 2200 and 2500 W

The silent Bosch shredder is also produced in the most powerful versions: ATX 2200 and ATX 2500. These models use a milling cutter roller cutting system. The waste material is automatically dragged from a slow-rotating roller to the counterthrust plate which shreds it completely. The roller is able to effectively chop branches with a diameter up to 40 mm. The mechanism has a registration wheel with an Allen key. Even the most curved and twisted branches will be easily dragged into the shredder, thanks to the increased size of the loading funnel, compared to the previous versions. The silent models have a comfortable reversible operating switch that allows the engine to be stopped, in the event of material overload, without disconnecting the funnel. This system protects the engine and the various gears from damage by clogging.