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Honda mower

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Honda mower: general features

Honda mowers are available in more than 30 models and are able to satisfy every customer need. They are suitable for all types of terrain, both small and large, flat or uneven, due to the high grass and turf. The mowers include models with petrol engines, batteries and electric motors, push-pull or traction, with collection bag and with ground discharge (mulching). The features of Honda machines are: efficiency, safety, comfort and respect for the environment. Furthermore the products offer an excellent design with attention to detail. Advanced technologies such as overhead valves, automatic decompressor and transistorized ignition allow immediate start-up, low noise and low vibration. The materials are carefully chosen as the cutting guard, made of recyclable propylene, steel and die-cast aluminum.

Lawnmowers Honda: technological innovations

The exclusive Roto-Stop safety device locks the cutting blade as soon as the operator leaves the handlebar while the engine is running. The system is based on a brake-clutch that allows to move forward even with the blade stopped, which finds great utility in crossing a path or a path, without lifting gravel or dust. The Honda mower uses the hydrostatic transmission to adjust the speed, with great progression, and adapt it to the type of operation. There are three grass cutting systems. Cutting with grass collection in the bag is suitable for lawns with a grass height of 10-12 cm. The baffle cut with a floor drain is suitable for untreated lawns and for long grass. Mulching cuts freshly cut and well-shredded grass that the earth will use as fertilizer. This type of cut is suitable for manicured lawns with low grass.

Honda mowers: petrol engine models

The new range of Honda IZY mowers is very simple to use, low noise and allows better grass collection. The main features are: collection bag, engine brake, automatic air, automatic accelerator. The HRD model has an aluminum casing, great reliability and a large cutting width. It also guarantees excellent maneuverability thanks to the large wheels that adapt to the ground. The Honda HRX mower provides maximum quietness, only 94 dB, and an ideal collection through the Air Flow Optimization system. The controls and panels are ergonomic, the handlebar is covered with soft and comfortable material. The HRS mulching model, with side discharge, ensures maximum lightness. HRH and UM are designed for professional use, to be efficient and resistant in all working conditions, cutting tall grass and weeds with power.

Honda mower: Electric and robotized models

The HRE electric model is suitable for small gardens. The controls are all within easy reach of the operator. The mechanics are sweet and precise, for exceptional comfort and freedom. The Miimo robotic Honda mower is designed for automatic grass cutting management. The device is able to understand when it is time to return to the battery charging station. Miimo operates continuously within its work area bounded by a perimeter wire. The mower produces the mulching effect thanks to the specific structure of the cutting deck that leaves the grass in suspension, shredded by 3 blades in soft breaking steel. The height of the cut can vary from 2 to 6 cm. The Miimo model uses advanced systems such as safety sensors (lifting, impact and rollover), management sensors (zone cable and direction maintenance), customizable programs and timers.