Horizontal log splitter

Horizontal log splitter

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Features of the horizontal log splitter

The log splitter is a type of machinery used to split a trunk into different parts or a piece of coarse wood pre-cut into several sections. Many devices consist of an electric or hydraulic piston calibrated to the pressure that can be generated. The higher the pressure, the greater the thickness or the length of the wood that must be subdivided. Many models of domestic use have a pressure of 10 tons. Professional models can carry over 25 tons. There are manual log splitters that use a lever to force the wood through a series of well-sharpened blades, but there are also those driven directly by an agricultural tractor. Such an appliance can be powered by an electric motor in connection with a diesel oil pump or gasoline, with tractor or without. Some models have guides that prevent the split wood from falling to the ground and allow the wood to be repositioned quickly for another passage. The log splitters can be vertical or horizontal depending on how the wood is chopped.

Model A12 OR 650 EM of Ballario & Forestello

The model of horizontal log splitter A12 OR 650 EM produced by Ballario & Forestello and proposed by Agritechstore weighs 12 tons and has a single-phase electric motor, with a split length of 70 cm. This is an excellent solution to the problem of "heavy logs". Instead of raising them, they roll over horizontal log splitter and beware of breaking quickly into 2 or 4 light logs. It has many options that make it customized to the maximum. The Ballario & Forestello company has a long experience in the specific sector of woodworking tools and is aimed at safeguarding both the work of people and the environment, producing machines of high reliability and great safety. Its dimensions are 210x120x110 cm, the useful cut is 700 mm. and the engine power of 3 Hp. The tool weighs 200 kg and the cycle time is 14.5 seconds. The model has 2 speeds with a single-phase electric motor.

Vigor electric wood splitter ws4t-37 ton. 4 watts 1500

The horizontal model called Vigor electric wood splitter model "ws4t-37 ton. 4 watt. 1500" is a powerful, compact, handy and very comfortable to use instrument. It is an ideal solution if you want to have the possibility to cut wood independently. It has a thrust of 4 tons and allows you to break in a short time even seasoned woods that have a diameter of 37 cm. and more. The guides hold the trunk in the center of the blades and the split produces thin and useful pieces to be able to light the fire. Vigor is a safe tool because it has a two-hand control that forces you to use both to operate the log splitter (one on the distributor lever and the other on engine ignition). Thus the possibility of having damage at work is reduced to zero. It has small dimensions and low weight. It is equipped with comfortable wheels that allow you to move it easily and store it. It is an ideal electric model for private use: it lightens and automates the work of splitting wood in order to have fuel for stoves or fireplaces. The motor is 220V single-phase, the power is of 1500 W and its weight is of kg.37 approx.

Horizontal log splitter Viceconti Group

The Viceconti Group builds many types of log splitters according to customer needs. The Viceconti horizontal log splitters are made with the most resistant materials to ensure longer life. The hydraulic pump is professional and gives the tool an excellent split speed. The foot of the thrust and the wedge are produced with robust materials, The cutting wedge is of considerable size and is sturdy and sharp, made according to CE standards. All horizontal models can be fitted with either an electric motor, a diesel engine, a petrol engine or a PTO engine. These are very reliable machines modeled also "made to measure" to guarantee durability and reliability. Machines for private use have a thrust of 6 tons. Machines up to 50 tons can also be used for professional use, with different set-ups. The features that combine the various models are the quality, guaranteed by a production that is not standard, and the possible customization of the instrument, always produced adopting the maximum safety criteria that are foreseen by European standards.