Yucca with dry tips

Yucca with dry tips

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Question: what to do against the tips of the leaves that dry?

hi, I have 2 beautiful yuccas but the lower leaves turn out to have a little ruined edges almost like bricks and even some tips, can you tell me if it's normal or how can I solve it? thank you very much

Yucca with dry tips: Answer: the yucca leaves

Dear Roberto,
It is quite common for the leaves of the yuccas to be ruined at the tip; in nature these plants live in warm areas of the American continent and the Caribbean, outdoors, where the climate varies with the seasons; typically for indoor plants the climate in the home is always excessively dry, even when it comes to plants that could live in a semi-desert area; this is because the heating system tends to always dry the air, constantly, making it always more dry than it can be outdoors; especially if you have a fireplace or stove at home, or even floor heating. For this reason, it is generally the case that the leaves of the yucca tend to ruin at the tip, drying up; the same problem is then amplified by the positioning of the plants in a passage area: every day, passing close to the plants, we cause small traumas to the leaves, which are progressively ruined. It all depends on the extent of the problem: if you periodically find yourself with a couple of ruined leaves, or with some dry-tipped leaves, don't worry; it is enough that you periodically go to cut the dried apexes, in order to remove the dead parts and to favor the development of new foliage (I remind you to use a well sharpened and disinfected scissors, to avoid making frayed cuts or to transmit bacteria or parasites of other plants). If instead of the dry leaves, your plants do not produce new vegetation, and have all the foliage with an asphyxiated and sickly appearance; in this case your yuccas definitely need more watering and need to be vaporized frequently with demineralized water. It may also be that many yellowed leaves are the symptom instead of excessive watering: the yuccas do not like to have the soil always wet and soaked with water, and it is better to water them only when the substratum is well dry. And if you have had your plants for many years, it could also be a problem related to the soil, and your plants are simply signaling you that the time has come to repot them, perhaps using a container a little bigger than the one in which they are post now.


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