Uproot a tree

Uproot a tree

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Question: uprooting a tree

are there particular saws for cutting large tree roots?
I ask you this because I have to remove from the root a maritime pine that has fallen with the snow and I should remove it completely ...
do you have any suggestions?

Answer: uprooting a tree

Dear Andrea,
if the tree fell with snow, I believe that part of the trunk is still in place; if that's your case, you can use a tool, called tirfor, which is used precisely in these cases (and also in construction and in a thousand other applications); in essence it is a winch that allows you to uproot the tree without great efforts on your part; clear that you should find someone who lends you or rents you this tool, because I believe it is not the case to buy it for a single tree; you can also think of hiring an excavator, which in addition to removing the stem, will also be able to remove a good amount of roots from the ground. The roots should always be removed from the ground, because once the tree is dead, they can be a good nest for a series of diseases and parasites, which would then remain in your land, since other plants in your garden could also be affected there. The home method, without any expense, but with a good dose of elbow grease, consists in digging around the stem, to expose most of the root system of your tree, which will then be removed one piece at a time, cutting it with a chainsaw, or removing it in pieces, to be broken by metal wedges and a club. I warn you that, being a large conifer, it will be a large amount of roots to be eradicated, and so you have to prepare yourself with a few days off and maybe with the help of some nice friend. In my opinion, renting an excavator for a few hours is ideal, especially if your tree was large; clear that renting an excavator costs euros, but saves you a huge amount of work; then keep in mind that, once the strain is removed and most of the roots are removed, you will have to somehow "get rid of it", and then it is a question of cutting wood for several hours and then bringing it to an ecological island for composting, or , if you have this luck, keep it aside for future barbecues, or for fireplaces or stoves. On the net one often reads of miraculous methods, which are implemented by putting various chemical substances on the strain to be eradicated, such as salt, bleach, muriatic acid; unfortunately these methods have no application in your case, since the tree has already fallen and therefore the roots are already dying.


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