Parkside pressure washer

Parkside pressure washer

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Technical description of the Parkside high-pressure cleaner

In the package of the Parkside high-pressure cleaner we find: the pressure washer with 5 meters long electric wire; a high pressure hose; a hook for the electric cable; the spray gun holder; a quick connection for connection to the water network; a spray gun; two flexible hoses with nozzle, one high pressure and one flat jet; a rotating brush; a needle for cleaning the nozzle; 0.5 l of detergent; a fork wrench. The machine must be connected to an electrical network with a voltage of 230V ~, 50 Hz (for use on the farm it is necessary to check that the permanent current capacity of the network is of a value equal to or greater than 100 A for each phase and powered by a distribution network with a nominal voltage of 400 / 230V). The device weighs 10.8 kg and has a gripping power of 2100 W. The operating pressure is 11 Mpa. The water flow rate is 5.5 liters per minute. The pressure washer must not be fed from the drinking water network without system separator, which must comply with the EN 12729 BA type standards.

Prepare the Parkside pressure washer for use

Start by inserting the cable hook and spray gun holder onto the housing rails. Then the high pressure connection (gun side) is screwed to the spray gun with the supplied spanner. With the quick coupling for water supply, a connection is created for the flow of water. Depending on the type of cleaning to be carried out, choose the appropriate water jet pipe or brush, insert and screw onto the spray gun. The hose with high pressure nozzle thanks to its rotating water jet is suitable for jobs with low water consumption. The one with flat jet nozzle is designed for high or low pressure operating modes and is excellent for surface cleaning. In standard adjustment, the flat jet nozzle works with high pressure and you can switch to low pressure mode by moving the tip of the nozzle forward. In the low pressure mode the detergent is automatically sucked from the special container. Make sure the switch is off, then connect the plug to the mains.

How to use the pressure washer

After connecting the appliance to the mains, fully open the water tap; the water flow rate should be six hundred liters an hour. Never operate the instrument with the water tap closed, because dry running always causes damage to the appliance. Turn on the pressure washer using the switch and pull the lever of the spray gun. The release of the lever causes the appliance to switch off, but, within the system, the high pressure remains intact. The lever of the spray gun has a safety button that prevents accidental ignition. The pressure washer must be used with a neutral detergent based on biodegradable anionic surfactants. The detergent must be present in the special container and it is automatically sucked in the low pressure mode. To use the rotating brush without detergent, the container must be removed. During use, acting on the tip of the nozzle to the left reduces the width of the jet, while turning it to the right increases it.

Parkside high-pressure washer: High-pressure cleaning and maintenance

At the end of the work, if detergents have been used, the appliance must be rinsed. Remove the detergent container and run the machine until clean water comes out. Release the spray gun lever, switch off the tool, shut off the water tap and disconnect the connection to the water system, pull the lever of the spray gun to reduce the internal pressure of the device and finally remove the plug from the mains. Before cleaning or maintaining, always remove the plug from the socket. To clean the pressure washer, do not use running water or detergents or solvents, but only a soft cloth or brush. Keep the ventilation slots and jet tube nozzles free. To completely empty the appliance, remove the high pressure connection on the appliance and switch on the cleaner at high pressure for a maximum of 1 minute, until no more water comes out of the spray gun connection.


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