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The rotary tiller or motor hoe is born of the need of farmers and gardeners, who complained about machines too big for milling in tight spaces, which had to be worked by hand. By now this tool is part of the collective imagination of people and not only of the experts; many people, even completely unrelated to agricultural work, decide to buy a power tiller to work their garden. The small patches of land that were previously exclusively hand-made, today can boast a re-evaluation in a positive sense thanks to the introduction of motor hoes. There have been many accidents caused by motor hoes, in fact the manufacturers have started a modernization aimed at it in terms of safety; in fact the producers always recommend never going to work alone, but always accompanied by people capable of helping you in the event of an accident. It must be said that accidents have often been caused by non-compliance with safety regulations and lack of prudence and not equipment malfunctions.

Features of a motor hoe

The motor hoe is equipped with a motor, which can be powered by petrol or diesel. In addition to the motor, together with the handlebars and the transmission parts, we find a cutter that is nothing more than a rotor with hoes; There are many sizes of cutters, chosen by users based on needs. We find cutters ranging from a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 130 cm. Unlike the rotary cultivator, the rotary tiller receives the drive torque directly on the cutter, making it difficult to adapt to other jobs other than milling; the rotary cultivator on the other hand receives traction on front wheels, with the cutter driven by a shaft coming out of the gearbox / differential unit, called a power take-off or P.T.O. The powers range from 3.5 hp up to a maximum of 10/12 hp; especially diesel powered vehicles tend to have higher powers, but at the same time the weight also rises considerably. The rare change sometimes offers more than 2 speeds forward plus the rear that are used in the field or for moving around on the road. The starting is by rope, but on more modern products there is the possibility of having an electric one.

Tiller prices

The market offers a lot of buying opportunities, both online and in various points of sale and agriculture; the prices of these equipments, often quite high, are justified by the technologies applied and by the opportunity to operate with a considerable saving of energy and time. A paradoxical example are the specialized rotary tillers with 30 cm cutters and engines ranging from 3 to 5 hp; the paradox is found in the price that often exceeds that of the big diesel hoes of much higher power; the advantage is in the processing of the inter-rows of vegetables, which are often real shortages for farmers. Prices vary according to the brand's prestige; it starts from a minimum of 300Ђ for the "discount" models up to the 1500 / 2000Ђ of the big diesel models and the specialist ones. It is desirable that for occasional and light work it is not necessary to purchase a very expensive tool, but a medium quality model will calmly face its work commitment; important thing is to analyze the prices that for the same models can vary from store to store.

Work safely with a cultivator

Many brands have contributed to the research, to make work with the rotary hoe as safe as possible. BCS, Pasquali, Brumital, Grillo and many others were promoters of a responsible use of the tool. Safety is a fundamental criterion for putting a new model on the market, in fact the life-saving devices are many, which guarantee a safety that was scarce in the past. The decals should never be removed; especially those of danger must always be respected; another valid help is given by reading the use and maintenance manual. It is strictly forbidden to modify the life-saving devices present on the tool, under penalty of revocation of the guarantee and decline of any responsibility of the manufacturer in the event of an accident; Another very important thing is never to get to work after having consumed alcoholic beverages or drugs that can compromise attention and vigil. Be careful, life is more important than any job.