How to grow garlic

How to grow garlic

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Question: How to grow garlic

I planted garlic in a jar in December, when it can be harvested and how it must be done to make the bulb grow larger.

Answer: How to grow garlic

Dear Maurizio,
garlic is an aromatic plant that is very easy to grow and does not require great care or a lot of space; as you did, a simple deep vase can be enough to get some heads of garlic, provided you choose a very soft and fertile, and very well drained soil, where the water flows easily without stagnation. Generally the garlic is sown in autumn or winter, it depends a lot from where you live: in northern Italy autumn is preferred, so that the small cloves have already produced some roots before the arrival of the frost; in central and southern Italy it is also sown in the middle of winter, as you did, because frost never actually arrives. However, consider that, as long as the season remains cold, your bulbils will be in complete vegetative rest, and will begin to develop only when spring arrives, or when the nocturnal lows begin to rise considerably. You will begin to see the first shoots to which the leaves will follow. If in these weeks the bulbs should become invisible, it is good to cover them with additional soil; if the climate becomes very dry, water, at least one vote a week, but do not overdo it. When the stem that will bear the flowers begins to rise from the center of the leaves, cut it off at the base otherwise the plant will use all the stocks collected in the bulb to produce the flowers, leaving you with tiny and uninteresting heads of garlic. Continue treating your garlic seedlings until late spring, watering when the soil is dry; in the summer you will notice that the leaves naturally begin to turn yellow and dry up, only then can you gather your garlic, which will have to be dried in the sun before being stored in a dry and dark place, where it can be stored until the following year. If you wish, at the arrival of winter, you can divide the heads you have collected, and use the outer segments (with all the papyrus film that surrounds them) for the new sowing of the garlic, so as to get from year to year year always the same variety of garlic. If you want to change variety, you can buy the bulbils in the nursery. Usually, the bulbils that you find on the market in specialized shops, are prepared specifically for sowing, spraying them with a fungicide, which removes the risk of the most common diseases for these small bulbs; if instead you use last year's garlic, or cloves taken from the garlic purchased by the grocer, then sprinkle them with a copper-based fungicide.