The geraniums of Trentino

The geraniums of Trentino

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Question: how to grow Parisian geraniums?

Hi, I wanted to know how to get a very luxuriant Parisian vase, like the ones you see in the mountain areas. I bought Compo's specific liquid fertilizer and I give it once a week.
Thanks in advance

The geraniums of Trentino: Answer: the Parisian geraniums

Dear Gaia,
the geraniums are perennial plants originating from South Africa, but those that we find today in the nursery are hybrid varieties, particularly suitable to be cultivated in our country; on the terraces of Trentino the geraniums generally find an excellent place to grow, simply because they can enjoy a lot of sun and good humidity, without suffering from severe drought, heat, sultriness, which they could instead find (for example) in Messina. Therefore, first of all it is important to find a suitable place for their cultivation; if you live in an area characterized by very hot summers, it is convenient that your geraniums enjoy the sun only during the coolest hours of the day, or else you will find them "cooked" by the sun, with the soil completely dried up every single day. If you live in an area with milder summers, you can place them in a place that enjoys direct sunlight all day, as happens in Trentino. Once you have found the right place, you will have to choose a top-quality, rich, light soil that does not tend to compact too much over time; go to the nursery and buy the best soil they can offer you, even if with great probability it is the one that costs the most; a few euros more spent today is to be considered an investment to get a flowery balcony in the summer. After choosing location and soil, consider not exceeding the number of plants per pot: every single Parisian geranium will need about 20-25 cm of pot to develop; therefore in each balcony tray it positions only a couple of plants, at most three in the longer trays, 60-70 cm. If you keep the plants from year to year, repass them with fresh soil at the end of winter; when repotting, try to avoid air bubbles in the soil, and try to place the geraniums at the same depth they were in the previous vase. Without this, only watering is missing; consider that the geraniums have a quite vigorous development, and therefore they will have to be watered every time the soil is dry; they can withstand some short periods of drought, but in any case avoid leaving them dry for many days, and at the same time avoid watering them too often, and therefore every time you water, check that the soil is dry. Fresh soil usually already contains fertilizer, and it is not necessary to supply it often; plant fertilizer is a bit like a supplement for us humans: it is important to use it, but it is not necessary to use it in large quantities, indeed, beyond a certain limit it can also become harmful. Usually one dose every 15 days is sufficient, or half a dose once a week. Again, choose the best flowering fertilizer you know; a good fertilizer, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (with a good titer, not only in traces like in cheap fertilizers) also contains microelements, such as iron, magnesium or boron.


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