Olive tree seedling

Olive tree seedling

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Question: olive tree seedling

Hi, maybe the question doesn't make sense, but I still try. Under a large olive tree, an olive tree plant grew about 20 cm high, and last year in September I planted it. Now this plant is doing of point hunts.Question: can this plant become a bonsai? and if so what can I do to not ruin it and make it grow, can it make the fruit like the big one?
Thank you in advance.

Answer: olive tree seedling

Dear Dino,
in general, plants grown as bonsai pass through different stages of "transformation". Often they become bonsai of the already grown plants, but grown (naturally or artificially) in order to obtain in a few years the appearance of an old, miniature tree. Many bonsaists prefer to start from seeds, cuttings or layers, so as to conform the plants still young to their desires. So yes, your little olive tree will eventually become a bonsai; for now it is necessary that it develops well, in a healthy and luxuriant way, before being able to make it become a prebonsai, pruning the branches and conforming them to your desires and tastes. So first of all put the olive tree in a large bowl, where it can produce a nice vigorous and broad root system; it uses an excellent soil, rich and very well drained. Place the pot in a sunny place, and provide the correct watering, when the soil is well dry. For the entire period from April to September, every 15 days, you also provide a good fertilizer for green plants. Meanwhile, he begins to "get your eye" on olive bonsai, consider that even on the net you can find dozens of bonsai photos already formed. In this way you will be able to understand from now on how you want to raise your bonsai, and if necessary you can start, for example, to tilt the stem, or to create a tortuous development, with the help of the metal wire; or, if your sapling has already developed many branches, you can already decide to keep only two or three main branches, which one day will form the crown. Raising a plant as a bonsai is a long process, so don't hope to get a bonsai already in the coming months; rather it begins to breed your olive tree like a prebonsai, in anticipation of how you will want it in a few years. An example: many small olive bonsai trees have a short stem, and a perfectly round crown; to obtain a shape of this type it is necessary already from now to keep all the lower branches, shortening them at the tip, so as to favor the development of shoots close to the stem. In the coming years you can also begin to shorten the roots, but right now your aim is to allow your little olive tree to grow well, indeed, in the best possible way, so as to obtain a small healthy tree. Clear that, if you notice that some branches tend to develop the small tree very high, they will be shortened or eliminated, to favor in any case a contained development of the plant.