Punctuation of the apple tree

Punctuation of the apple tree

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What is the apple tree ticking

Apple scab is a disease caused by the fungus called venturia inaequalis, and also affects ornamental plants and other fruit trees. Morphologically the mushroom shows a very branched vegetative apparatus, green in color that tends to brown during aging. Its infective cycle begins in spring when the climatic conditions favor the release of the spores that proliferate on the leaves of the plant. The veil of water that deposits on the leaf due to external humidity is the vehicle through which the spores multiply, producing a tubule that removes vital lymph. Through the tubule the spore is wedged under the cuticle of the leaf page giving rise to the characteristic bubbles that distinguish it. The leaf also has obvious signs of yellowish spots that darken until they dry out. Consequently the plant undergoes a decidedly early foliar fall.

If you intend to start an organic cultivation and therefore without chemical additives, it is good to implement some preventive strategies to prevent the onset of the disease. First the fallen foliage must be promptly eliminated. Even if the leaf dies, the fungus keeps all its pest functions alive, wintering in the fallen leaf. Their elimination therefore reduces the risk of a subsequent infestation in the spring season. If it is an orchard, where the collection of the foliage can be difficult, nitrogen can be distributed as fertilizer on the plants, or manure. The microbiological activity of the soil, favored by fertilizers, rapidly degrades the infected leaves. Nothing prevents the leaves from being even buried, to reduce degradation times. Avoid wetting the leaves too much can be a good preventive action. Just prune the plant to ensure proper aeration and irrigate the soil to supply the necessary water. Finally, always respecting the climatic condition of the environment in which the plant is buried, it is advisable to choose a variety resistant to pathogenic attacks.Punctuation of the apple: chemical cure of apple scab

If despite all the precautions implemented the fruit tree shows obvious signs of this pathology, it is possible to intervene by means of pesticides. Generally the administration of the products starts in autumn until the end of June when the humidity allows the maximum proliferation of the spores. If the symptoms occur on leaves and fruits it is good to continue the treatment until the harvest. The treatments can be administered according to fixed cadences, and therefore every 6-7 days, or with biological cadences, then that is to the rains considered infesting (those that exceed the 10 mm of water). The biological rate is considered to be better because it reduces the amount of chemical product supplied to the plant. However, being about 15-20 treatments per season, the economic investment is not trivial. Furthermore, some species of fungus have developed changes capable of resisting some of the treatments in question, neutralizing their effectiveness.