Homeopathic mesotherapy

Homeopathic mesotherapy

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Homeopathic mesotherapy

Cellulite, or so-called orange peel skin, is a serious problem that involves many women. It is generally hereditary. So if your mother has cellulite it is useless to pray, sooner or later you will find her too. Cosmetic surgery tries to solve the problem with subcutaneous injections of substances that are able to reduce skin blemishes. But these substances are still synthetic chemicals. The body could reject them or in any case after a few years another cycle of injections would be needed. There homeopathic mesotherapy uses the same technique with a substantial difference: what is introduced under the skin are not drugs but a mix of homeopathic and physiotherapeutic remedies. In the first case, natural substances are introduced under the skin in small doses that form swellings which, after a few hours, are reabsorbed, expelling what was injected. In the second case it is a question of using physical agents such as heat, light and massages to reduce cellulite.

Other uses of homeopathic mesotherapy

Homeopathic mesotherapy is not a solution only for skin blemishes. This type of therapy also has many other uses. For example, it is also widely used for joint pains caused by trauma, bumps and falls and for cervical pains. In these cases, homeopathic and homotoxicological products are injected subcutaneously. Furthermore, this particular care takes into account the energy meridians identified by Chinese medicine and concentrates the injections on them. The Chinese claim that these meridians are more involved in the resolution of inflammation and pain problems. Sprains, arthritis, tendon injuries and osteoarthritis are all traumas that limit the ability to move and can all be addressed with homeopathic mesotherapy. It is a valid intervention in case of trauma and has an excellent function as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. Edema and effusion, the so-called bruises, are reabsorbed much more quickly. Homeopathy stimulates the natural healing processes that our body possesses and does not cause annoying side effects.

The advantages of homeopathic mesotherapy

The administration in very small doses of homeopathic substances through mesotherapy involves many advantages compared to the traditional drug-based treatment used by beauty centers. It has been proven that the very low dosage is much more stimulating for the human body than a high dosage, because it stimulates the body to produce the substances it needs to heal on its own. The advantages of homeopathic mesotherapy, however, are certainly not reduced to this. First of all, it has been established that it does not cause allergic reactions (naturally the homeopathic doctor will have previously informed himself of any allergies suffered by the patient). It does not cause bothersome side effects. The therapy is customized based on one's clinical, constitutional and family history. Moreover, this therapy can cure several diseases simultaneously. If necessary, it can also be administered during pregnancy. However, it is important to keep in mind that homeopathic mesotherapy does not work miracles and does not permanently erase the signs of aging. Furthermore, it must be accompanied by a balanced diet and a healthy and active life.

Opinions on homeopathic mesotherapy

The opinions on homeopathic mesotherapy found on various forums and opinion websites are very varied. There are the eternal dissatisfied who cannot enjoy small improvements because they expect too immediate results that naturally do not arrive. Then there are the skeptics who say no a priori because they don't trust. Those who, despite having obtained results, in the long run have lost the beneficial effects of therapy because of their inability to follow a diet and proper nutrition. But there are also people who, after a cycle of treatments with homeopathic mesotherapy, are very happy with the results obtained and have found an effective benefit throughout the body. We must be very careful when consulting websites where the opinions of ordinary people are reported, but they are not experts in the sector. Often, erroneously, one is influenced by these opinions without going into the subject properly. In these cases it is much better to consult an experienced homeopathic doctor who will, without uncertainties, advise us as best we can based on our specific case.


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