Daffodils in vase

Daffodils in vase

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Question: Daffodils in pots

I would need advice! two weeks ago I bought a jar of daffodils at Ikea and within a few days they all bloomed. After a while the flowers died and I proceeded to cut them (leaving the long stem). Within a few days the plant started to make the buds that grew quickly but unfortunately they are dried without opening. Since I'm not an expert, I wanted to know what could be due, I don't know how much it gets wet or if it needs something in particular.
Thanks so much

Answer: Daffodils in vase

Dear Elisa,
there are indeed species and varieties of narcissus which present a double flowering, and as soon as the first bud withers, they prepare another; the failure of your daffodils to bloom is almost certainly due to the place where you kept them, which was excessively hot and dry, and did not allow flowers to develop completely. In the late spring months, bulbous plants can be found in nurseries or other types of stores; these are plants that are slightly forced to bloom, especially given the climate of this spring 2013, which is more reminiscent of autumn, with a cold and damp climate. Despite this particular cold for the season, a bulbous flower in March is very normal, it is more or less the correct climate for the flowering of these plants; or rather, it is more or less the right time, although most likely your bulbs were kept in a slightly warmer and more luminous place, so that they would bloom with a couple of weeks in advance. Despite the particular cold for the season, and the probable forcing, your jar with the bulbs had to be placed on the terrace, outdoors, in order to enjoy the sunlight for at least a couple of hours a day (but for the rest of the time, however in a bright place), and exposed to the rain water, with a fairly humid surrounding air. If instead your daffodils were kept at home, they received a climate that was decidedly not suited to their development. Even in the garden, the daffodils begin to bloom between March and April (in the southern areas also in February); at home the climate, generally not that of March, but that of May or June, with average temperatures not too far from 18 or 20 ° C, even at night. In addition to the heat, your daffodils have certainly suffered from the very dry climate present in the home, different from the one in the open air in spring, a typically very humid season. So now you can only think of growing the leaves of your daffodils so you can enjoy the flowers again next year. Because, to have healthy and floriferous bulbs, it is necessary to cultivate the foliage, so that it can carry out photosynthesis for as long as possible, and in this way produce starches, to be stored in the bulb for the next flowering. Then, until the leaves appear turgid and healthy, place the vase on the terrace, in a luminous, even sunny, place and water when the soil seems dry. When the foliage begins to wither, cut it and let the vase dry, which you will place in a cool, dry and dark place, until the autumn, or January-February, when you expose it again to light, on the terrace or in the garden. Or, in autumn, you can plant your bulbs in a larger pot, even with other plants, or in the open ground in the garden.


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