Silenced compressor

Silenced compressor

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Use a silenced compressor

Often, due to condominium problems, it is not possible to use a normal compressor. Normally, it is a very noisy product, and every time it "attacks" the engine, the rumble spreads even from a distance. If it should be necessary not to use it in the garden, but in the house or in the garage, then things get worse due to the noise. Here the use of a silenced compressor comes into play, a product necessary for all the needs of airbrushing, especially professional ones such as decoupage, modeling, tattoos, graphics. Furthermore, it is designed according to standards aimed at reducing maintenance costs for the operator. Noise reduction / elimination is achieved by internally coating the panel chassis with sound-absorbing material. Equipped with filters and safety and adjustment devices, easy to use.

Practical advice

To ensure long life of the appliance, the only maintenance required is that of the lubricant. It is always necessary to use turbine oil with a flame point higher than 200 ° C for safety reasons, and to be careful not to mix different types of oil. In general, it is preferable to use synthetic oils when working in very hot or humid climatic situations, while we recommend an oil with a VG32 grade for cold climates and VG68 for tropical climates. For safety reasons, the silenced compressor it cannot be used in any activity where the air comes into direct contact with foodstuffs without first being filtered. When the tablet is not used, it must be stored in a dry place where the temperature is between +5 and +45 ° C, possibly protected by a cloth that prevents dust from settling in the mechanisms.

Space required for use

Although it can be used at home, in the garage and generally indoors, this machine cannot operate in too narrow spaces. The main concern is dust: a compressor sucks in a large amount of air, necessary for its own internal ventilation, therefore a dusty environment will create difficulties in time for correct operation. For example, part of the dust that penetrates inside the chassis is sucked by the air filter causing it to clog, another quantity of dust will settle on all the components and, entering the air circle, will be projected against the radiator, preventing heat exchange and proper cooling of the appliance. Therefore, the room where the machine is used must be well ventilated and free of dust, and away from rain and frost.

Silenced compressor: How does it work?

Compression, from atmospheric pressure to final pressure, takes place gradually and without contact between the moving metal parts, the pressure increases progressively and continuously under the action of rotating elements which gradually reduce the volume in which the air is located , a bit like in a syringe with the mouth capped on which a force is progressively larger than the plunger. This pressure increase action is performed constantly by the engine, so as to obtain a constant flow of air. In practice, there are two "syringes": one from which the air is sucked in, and one where the air already put under pressure is expelled. This tool is equipped with a safety valve, similar to the one on the pressure cookers, which guarantees not to bring the air to dangerous pressure levels, and a pressure switch, which is nothing but a switch guarantees that you always have compressed air available.