Pneumatic olives scissors

Pneumatic olives scissors

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The technical characteristics

The pneumatic olive shears are tools that work thanks to the action of compressed air. This means that they must be connected to a transported compressor or a self-propelled motor compressor. They are generally used for intensive pruning and fruit harvesting. However, these instruments can also be used for orchards and vineyards. In these cases, however, some problems could occur. For example, when you have to cut a particularly thick and thick branch, it is better to use the chainsaw, to save time and not to damage the blades (more suitable for the slimmer branches of the olives). Furthermore, these tools are very handy and convenient to use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages

The pneumatic olive shears have many advantages compared to electric models. First, they are very light, because they weigh about five hundred grams. Secondly they are versatile, in fact, it is possible to use them also with a telescopic rod, which allows to reach greater heights, with minimum effort. Extension rods are available that allow you to operate from three to five meters in height. Furthermore, they are functional: the special alloys they are made of guarantee maximum performance even at low temperatures, without causing power variations. These tools, on the other hand, have two disadvantages: they require a compressor to be transported and, moreover, the compressor connection pipe could intertwine with the already cut branches.

The average cost of pneumatic olive shears

Generally, the average price of professional pneumatic models is around one hundred and fifty or two hundred euros, to which must also be added the cost of the compressor (portable or wheeled), the connecting tube and any telescopic rod. Therefore, in total we approach 1500 or 2000 euros, depending also on the model and the brand chosen. The positive aspect, however, remains the fact that the compressor can also be used for other secondary activities and the blades can be easily replaced (if damaged), thus limiting the overall expense. These equipments can be easily purchased in all hardware stores or large stores specializing in gardening and DIY. Those who wish, however, can also purchase the aforementioned tools from the second-hand shops.

Pneumatic olive shears: How to maintain pneumatic shears

In order that the pneumatic pruning shears for olives are always efficient, it is essential to follow these two simple tips. First of all, remember to wash and dry the blades carefully after use, putting them in a dry place: in this way rust will be avoided. Secondly, periodically, it is necessary to pick up the thread of the blades themselves, so that they are always well sharpened and can determine a clean cut of the branch, without burrs, harmful to the plant (frequent cause of bacterial infections). A blade that is not very sharp, in fact, can be very dangerous. Finally, it is advisable to buy spare parts (as much as possible) of the same brand, so as to minimize any problems of incompatibility in the couplings.