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Question: philodendron

I have a philodendron for 15 years. We do it about every 2 years and it feels great. Now he made flowers (I didn't know he did). He was always in the apartment. I would like to know how long the flowers are and how long they last. I tried searching on the internet but the only answer I found is that they rarely bloom at home. Can you give me clarifications on this? I would be grateful. I think it's kind of monstera, it has big leaves and it's tall enough if left to grow. If you think it appropriate, I can send you photos. I thank you in advance and best regards: Rosalba

Answer: philodendron

Dear Rosalba,
the philodendrons are plants of tropical origin, there are about 900 species, some shrubby, others lianose, which in the apartment need a guardian to develop; the genus monstera deliciosa has large engraved leaves, dark green, shiny and leathery, there are philodendrons with leaves of various shapes, many varieties, those more easily found in nurseries, have the shape of a pointed heart. Although they are plants with exotic origins, they belong to the same family as calla lilies, and their inflorescence clearly demonstrates this, being formed by a cylindrical spatice, which bears flowers, white in color, wrapped in a white or white spade rosy. The philodendron flowers often do not have the thin stem that shows those of the calla lilies, and then they bloom at the base of the stems of the plant. In nature these plants bloom every year, and they also ripen fruits, which in some species are edible; even the edible species however contain potassium oxalate, which can give rise to skin and mucosal irritations, and therefore must be treated in a particular way before being consumed. In particular the name of the monstera deliciosa derives from the fruit: the adjective deliciosa = delicious is to be attributed to the flavor of the fruit, very consumed in the places of origin. Unfortunately in an apartment it is not easy to see a flowering philodendron, it happens that they bloom sporadically, or that they do not bloom at all, even for decades; this happens because, although these plants have adapted to living in the apartment, in reality the climate present in the house is not exactly the ideal one. In fact, in the tropical climate zones the temperatures can be quite similar to those commonly found in apartments, it is not so for the climate, which in the house is decidedly too dry, both in summer and in winter. In fact, domestic heating tends to dry most of the humidity in the home, and the sun does the same (and also the air conditioners) during the summer. So you can consider yourself very lucky to have been able to see your flowered philodendron, besides being able to be sure of having a green thumb: the flower is a clear manifestation of the fact that your plant is very well in your home and that you are cultivating it in a way perfect. Probably, if the care you lavish on them will continue, the next few years could give you other inflorescences.


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