Professional brushcutters

Professional brushcutters

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Professional brushcutters: the powerful and quiet Kawasaki TH43

Among the professional brushcutters, the Kawasaki TH43 is one of the most efficient and economical (the price is around 350 euros). It has a 2-stroke engine and a maximum power of 8 Hp / 1.3 Kw. The Kawasaki TH43 is equipped with electronic ignition, diaphragm carburettor and self-enveloping starter. The tank capacity is 1 liter and is fed with 4% fuel mixture. It is also equipped with three different disks (a two-blade disc, one with 80 teeth and one with 4 teeth) and, among other features, it is also equipped with two types of head (tap & go and multi-wire), candle ngk and protection mask. This type of brushcutter is preferred by many experts in the sector not only for the quality of the Kawasaki brand, which has always been known for the excellence of its machinery, but also because it is a practical, light, handy tool that ensures excellent results .

Professional brushcutters: maximum reliability for Stihl FS400

Lightweight and easy to handle, Stihl FS400 is used above all as a supplement to the lawn mower's work because it provides the lawn with maximum precision and cleanliness. Being a highly efficient instrumentation, the work done with this trimmer is impeccable and the cut is performed quickly. The advantages of the Stihl FS400 are many, first of all that of being able to be easily used in all those areas where it is impossible to use the lawn mower (steep terrain or with a high density of bushes and trees). This powerful brushcutter has a displacement of 40.2 cmі for 1.9 kW (2.6 HP) and among the many accessories supplied it also has a bush knife, very useful for removing excess grass or small branches. Its weight (8 kg empty) is slightly higher than the Kawasaki TH43, as well as the price (around 600 euros) but its performance is definitely high.

Professional brushcutters: Shindaiwa B450, for the heaviest jobs

Among the many models of professional brushcutters, the Shindaiwa B450 is one of those that lends itself to the heaviest jobs. Thanks to the ergonomic system of its handle, it is possible to easily carry out any type of operation and the power / weight ratio is truly incredible (CV / Kg 0.33). Shindaiwa B450 is one of the best products on the market and is perfect for cutting hard and soft wood, forage, cleaning and professional pruning. Moreover, its technical features demonstrate how this trimmer is truly a high-performance machine. Among these, Shindaiwa B450 has: two-stroke engine, two-segment piston, vibration-damping handle, main drive shaft in carbon steel and outer tube constructed with a special aluminum alloy (the same one used for aeronautical uses).

Professional brushcutters: Alpina BJ 336, all Italian quality

The Alpina BJ 336 brushcutter is one of the most used models for normal pruning and thinning of bushes and hedges. Although its power (0.95 kW / 1.3 hp) is not comparable to that of the Shindaiwa B450, the Alpina BJ 336 works efficiently and has a truly remarkable quality / price ratio (the list price is around 200 euros). The new BJ336 series has a good technical data sheet: 2-stroke blend engine (2% with oil and 100% synthetic), displacement of 32.66 cc, Walbro compensator carburetor, air filter opening system with button, 26 mm rigid internal shaft, easy starting system and 1.1 Lt tank. The empty weight of the Alpina BJ336 is about 7 kg and this feature makes it practical and easy to handle. It is an ideal compromise for those looking for a professional brushcutter that is not too demanding and can also be used for simple do-it-yourself jobs.


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