Sick succulents?

Sick succulents?

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Question: sick succulents?

hi to all, I realized that some of my plants are suffering, they have the leaves and the holes in the stem.I tried to give them the pesticide and repot after a thorough cleaning but I have not seen results ... someone can tell me for what courtesy do they have? and what can I do to save them?

Answer: sick succulents?

Gentile Morena,
don't tell us what plants it is (the definition "succulent plants", which is improper, indicates a few thousand species of plants), and even where you grow them: at home, in the greenhouse, on the terrace in the sun? Therefore it is difficult to give precise indications on what your plants can have; the fact that it claims to have found some ruined leaves indicates that it is not cacti, but other succulent families (cacti are those plants with cylindrical or flattened stems, without leaves and with thorned areoles). But even not knowing exactly what plants it is, I can certainly tell you that the main pests of succulent plants, which create cavities in the stems and rots, are of fungal origin, and therefore the insecticides you have used have not been successful in how you fought against the wrong enemy. During the months characterized by a few hours of daily sunlight, most succulent plants tend to go through a period of semi vegetative dormancy, even if they are grown at home; for this reason, it is advisable to avoid leaving our plants in damp soil, even if they are sporadically watered; if they are grown outdoors, in a cold greenhouse or in a sheltered place, they must remain completely dry, in the sense that already in September it would be advisable to reduce watering, in order to dry the soil well; if instead we keep them indoors, the watering will take place about once a month, just to prevent the stems from wrinkling, but they should be avoided if the soil becomes wet for a long time. In any case, most succulent plants prefer to live in bright places, with a good amount of direct sunlight, even in full winter, which helps to keep the soil dry or to quickly dry up any watering. Succulent plants grown at home, in poorly lit places, and watered regularly throughout the winter, tend to suffer from radical rot quickly enough; which then spreads to the stem and causes spots, yellow leaves, a faint appearance and loss of firmness. Having said that, I have no idea what plants you have, or if you left them on the terrace with winter frost; in the case of fungal diseases, repotting in dry soil and watering after about a week with water mixed with a systemic fungicide can help; but if they are particular plants, or if the cultivation treatments offered are not suitable, there is a risk that the problem will recur. So before you do anything, try to figure out what plants you have, and what their crop needs are.