Manual snow plow

Manual snow plow

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Why prefer the manual snow plow to the blade

Until recently, the only system that was available to shovel snow from your driveway or from the parking lot of your car was the shovel, fortunately today there is an infinite variety of snowploughs: electric, gas and manual; the latter are particularly suitable for those who have to shovel small surfaces moving easily and above all without polluting, without annoying noises and without any effort. The manual snow plow It is made in such a way as to remove all the snow from the road by moving it to the side simply by walking and pushing it without any effort and without any risk of traumas and injuries that can instead be caused by using the snow shovel. In fact, with the shovel you can hardly do a job of pushing snow towards the outside of the road, except in the early hours of the morning when the snow is still soft, since this was designed to lift the snow and not to set it aside; moreover the blade has the annoying problem of the snow that remains attached to it, so before starting the hard work, sprinkle on its surface some products that favor the correct sliding of the snow.

The main features of a good manual snow plow

In the market there are many models of manual snow plows, but in the choice you have to pay attention to some important features that make the snow plow a valid aid able to not be easily damaged and to last over time. The first thing to note is the size of the blade which is straight or at an angle, it must be wide in order to collect a large amount of snow; moreover this must be made of a very resistant plastic material capable of resisting shocks, salt corrosion and very low temperatures; in order to facilitate the shearing operations, this must also be bi-directional and reversible, so that it can be easily lifted and turned with a simple gesture; the handle must be high and ergonomic so as not to subject the back to unnecessary strain and finally the wheels must be shock-resistant and able to slide well on both fresh and flattened snow.

How to best use a manual snow plow

The use of a manual snow plow is really easy and intuitive: before starting to shovel the snow you must however have adequate clothing, which includes a hat and gloves to protect yourself from the cold and boots suitable for moving easily even in deep snow; therefore it is sufficient to position yourself at the beginning of the area to be shoveled, starting from one side and pushing the snow thrower to the end of the avenue; at this point it is sufficient to lift the snowplough handle so that the blade turns emptying all the snow still inside, position itself on the opposite side of the snowplough and start walking in the opposite direction to that of before until the end of the avenue, then lift the handle, move in the opposite direction and continue until the road is completely free. This operation is very simple and fast, suitable to be performed also by women because to use the manual snow plow there is no need to be particularly strong.

Manual snow plow: Where you can buy the snow plow and how much it costs

As always the internet and the big e-commerce sites offer a wide range of products at very advantageous prices, so it is enough to search among the major sites like Amazon, ebay or on sites dedicated to gardening, to find numerous illustrated models and with the technical sheet to specify its characteristics; but if you want to touch the product with your hand just go to a gardening store or one of the many DIY stores that have now invaded our cities like Leroy merlen or Hoby. Depending on whether the tool is purchased on the internet or in the store the price varies a lot; in fact on the internet we start from 30 euros up to over 100, while in the store the price is slightly higher, but if you are lucky enough to find it on offer you can make a great deal.