Turbine snow plow

Turbine snow plow

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The advantages of the turbine model

In the most difficult cases in which the areas to be freed from the heavy snow cover are vast, or even inaccessible, perhaps with important slopes such as in ski resorts, the use of the shovel or manual snow plow would be almost useless. The more snow accumulates, the more the weight to be lifted becomes imposing and unthinkable only for the forces of man. Certainly in some cases it could be enough the electric snow plow to remove snow more easily, but often even the latter could turn out to be a palliative because it is not able to face greater workloads or emergencies related to storms. The turbine model, thanks to the engine power and handling, combines the stability and efficiency of a vehicle with the intuitive simplicity of any snow shovel.

Which are the best turbine models

The best ones are surely those with a two-stage engine, because thanks to this peculiarity they offer the possibility of removing the snow by sucking it up and then expelling it in a second phase much further away, up to over twenty meters away through the turbine. Being a motor, of course, like all machinery of this kind, the more powerful it is, the better the performance of the snow plow will be. There are, for example, snow blower turbines exceeding 10 hp. It is also necessary to consider a whole series of details such as the dimensions that often correspond to the work capacity, the type of starting, the quality and width of the icebreaker blades, and the type of slope they can withstand. Tracked vehicles, for example, are much more suitable on soils that exceed 25-30% slope.

When you can use the used one

Thanks to the sector magazines and the wide choice guaranteed by the second-hand online sales sites, buying a second-hand model can sometimes be a correct decision. Like machinery and agricultural and non-motor powered work tools, the cost of snow plows, although justified by its performance, is often prohibitive. If you decide to use a used one, it is a good idea to get detailed information on the status of the machine, the engine and optional equipment supplied and to compare prices. It is also essential to check the reliability of the seller, since although the used car is much cheaper, the prices are still important, and it is not nice to find a lot of snow and ice to remove and a machine that does not work.

Snow blower: Practical tips on the snow blower

When you decide to buy a turbine model, there are some elements to consider, small details that can make working with this tool much more comfortable. To begin with, it is advisable to opt for a good steering, possibly the separate one which is the most manageable. Another good idea, having to work in extreme cold situations, is to choose a model with the knobs that heat up. However, care and attention must not be lacking even after making the purchase. The snow plows must be checked every year and since they are durable machines it is good practice to take into account the parts most subject to wear such as the cutter and perform good maintenance. Last suggestion is to replace any damaged parts always with original parts, in this way you will avoid a devaluation of the tool and a longer life will be guaranteed.


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