Cherry pollinator

Cherry pollinator

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Question: Cherry pollinator

I wanted to know which cherry to plant next to a durone cherry vine 3

Answer: Cherry pollinator

Dear Mirko,
the cherry trees are very beautiful fruit trees, which can also become large; unfortunately the fruit setting is not always simple, because many varieties of excellent quality cherries are self-sterile, meaning that their flowers do not pollinate each other; to have a good harvest it is often advised to plant two different varieties of cherry a few meters away, so that they cross-pollinate. With the term Durone di Vignola, we usually mean the black Durone I, very cultivated in Vignola, but in this area of ​​the Modena area also black Durone II, black Durone III, Mora di Vignola, Bigarreau, Ferrovia are cultivated; although, I repeat, generally in nurseries the plants sold with the generic denomination Vignone durone, usually belong to the variety) Black Durone I. This variety is of fairly late flowering, I would say medium late, and finds an excellent pollinator in the Sunburst and Van; in particular then, the Van variety has a fairly long flowering, so much so that it is recommended as a pollinator for many other varieties of cherries. However, if you live in a neighborhood with many houses with gardens, it is often enough that the presence of a cherry tree near your home is more than sufficient for the pollination of your cherry tree, because bees and other pollinating insects also cover several hundred of meters in their wanderings in search of nectar. If instead you live in a remote place, with around the fields, or if you live in a neighborhood where the only garden is yours for kilometers, then the cherry pollinator will be fundamental. If you find yourself in a situation of the first type, you can safely wait for your cherry to reach the right age to produce fruit in quantity, and in the meantime you can check that it produces at least some fruits; if this happens it means that a cherry tree with the right characteristics already exists near your home. If you have a lot of space and possibilities, plant a Vans cherry in your garden immediately, to make sure you have pollen in large quantities, cherries from two trees, and beyond that, you don't risk that in a few years the neighbor with the cherry you decide that you prefer a maple, leaving you completely without corns.