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Main features

Vermiculite is a mineral, magnesium, iron and aluminum phyllosilicate, with hydroxyls and water. It can often be found in areas of contact between the intrusive rocks and the basic ones, but also in clayey areas. In nature it is presented in the form of small, easily visible sheets. Today important deposits of vermiculite found in Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Argentina and Canada; in fact the largest deposits are located in America, thanks to the favorable geographical situations that are found on the continent. But there are some important deposits also in South Africa. There vermiculite it can be used especially if it is heated around 300 degrees centigrade so that, losing water, it increases its volume and becomes very light, so it is possible to use it also as an industrial material and not only.

Main uses

As anticipated, vermiculite can be very useful in many aspects of work and even life. For example, it is used to create very resistant packaging since the expanded vermiculite becomes very light, clear and absorbent, all of which are fundamental qualities to make it excellent for packaging. Exfoliated vermiculite can instead be used as brake lining, insulation of attics, construction products. The expanded one, on the other hand, is also used for thermal insulation and fire protection of buildings. In fact vermiculite is a material with thermo-acoustic insulation capacity that allows it to be fire-resistant, resistant to bacteria, fungi and rodents. It is also electronically neutral, breathable, hygroscopic and is finally chemically inert.

Use in horticulture.

Vermiculite is now one of the favorite fertilizers of growers. Thanks to its high exchange capacity, its sterility and its extreme lightness it actually improves the formulation of compounds. Vermiculite is able to stimulate the vigorous growth of plants, improves seed germination and also prevents them from rotting, decreasing their loss, leading to a greater yield from the garden and therefore from profit. In this field the vermiculite must be mixed with the seeds and sand, put the mixture in plastic bags and wait for germination in warm places. After the seed sprouts, vermiculite can still be used, thus allowing the seedling to grow much faster and protecting it, at the same time, from attacks by parasites and worms. Vermiculite can also be used in open field cultivation, helping to plant seeds.

Vermiculite: Where it is

It is important to remember that vermiculite does not expire, so buying a large amount of vermiculite can be beneficial for an excellent investment. In fact, vermiculite, especially for the soil, is excellent at making it very moist and limits the washing away of nutrients. Therefore the purchase of vermiculite is absolutely advantageous, in all fields you want to use it. Prices range from 15 to 25 euros per 50-liter bag. This does not detract from the possibility of finding even more advantageous prices that can be easily recovered by assiduously checking the various internet sites that allow their purchase. To look for vermiculite useful for construction, just check the various sites of Italian companies that produce it for construction purposes or check carefully the factories that sell construction material.