Plant flowers

Plant flowers

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Plants, in their infinite beauty, have a part that makes them truly extraordinary: the flower. An articulated and complex plant structure, the flower is also the sexual organ of plants, the place where plant life is born and perpetuated. Depending on the species, the flowers may have a single or double structure, large or small and shapes ranging from crowns to bells. Many plant flowers derive in reality from the mutation of the leaves, in which the petals, from the typical green of the leaf structure, assume very varied and intense colors. The shape and coloring of the flowers also varies according to the species of plants to which they belong. In fact, in nature, there are flowers of succulents, flowers of fruit plants and flowers of ornamental plants. Each of these structures has different characteristics and peculiarities, which enhance not only its undeniable beauty but also its refined uniqueness. Among the flowers of succulent plants we remember the pink, red and lilac ones of some varieties of cactus and the orange ones of the leaves of prickly pear. Some rare species of fat plants produce flowers that are just as rare and enduringly beautiful: violet, fuchsia, with inflorescences gathered in groups or single and narrow petals similar to the daisy or chrysanthemum. The flowers of the fruit plants are no less so, where probably all the infinite beauty of nature is hidden. Unforgettable are the peach and cherry blossoms, fruit plants belonging to the same family, which produce a spring flowering with simple pink or white or mottled inflorescences. We cannot fail to mention the citrus flowers, such as the candid orange blossoms, traditionally used in wedding ceremonies and we cannot forget the flowers of ornamental plants either. Gifts, proud and variously scented, the flowers of ornamental plants find space in the garden, in the terraces, but also in the floral compositions to give. On the top of the list of the most beautiful flowers stand the roses, which include innumerable varieties of plants with inflorescences rich in petals and vivid and intense colors. Ornamental plants also give us flowers with a different habit, but always full of charm and meaning, such as orchids, tulips, calla lilies, camellias, dahlias, cornflowers, daisies, bells and many others. Each flower, besides indicating the state of health of the plant, also expresses a profound meaning. In the language of flowers one can find messages suitable for expressing any feeling or emotion. In a certain sense we can say that the flowers of plants "speak", even if they remain silent and silent. And when they "talk", even from the height of their silence, they always do it to get straight to the heart.


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