Prebonsai on the veranda

Prebonsai on the veranda

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Question: cultivating prebonsai

Hi! I have three bonsai: two cherry and apricot pre-bonsai and a ficus bonsai. At the cherry tree the leaves have withered and crumpled. is the one in the worst conditions. the apricot is the same but less so the ficus pure is losing some leaves. they told me that I was giving too much water and too little light but I am on a veranda almost with windows and the light is there all day. I put them on the window outside but instead of getting better they got worse ... Help !!!

Prebonsai on the veranda: Answer: prebonsai

Dear Sara,
I did not understand where you live in Italy, which helps not to give me the complete picture of the situation; in addition to this, indicate three plants, which have very different needs, and therefore it seems to me impossible that you are cultivating all three together, if it were, it seems to me quite obvious that they are not well. Then, cherry and apricot are both prunus hybrids, with quite similar cultivation requirements, and above all they are still prebonsai. In Italy the prunus are cultivated in the garden: they do not fear the cold and throughout the winter they are then in complete vegetative rest, devoid of leaves. Since they are prebonsai, therefore already placed in pots, with pruning of the foliage and roots already done, in the winter months they must be placed in full sun and outdoors, even with very low minimum temperatures and frost; only in the case of persistent and intense frost, cover the vases, so as to prevent the earthen bread from freezing completely around the roots. If you kept them under a veranda, they received very little light, but also an incorrect climate for the vegetative period and a decidedly not very humid air: in nature a prunus in spring is outdoors, with regular rains and a cool climate and well moist. Under a veranda your prunus had a too hot climate, and no rain. Even if it is bonsai or prebonsai, your plants should be grown in the same climate that they can find in nature, and therefore with regular water, but not tinned, and a good humidity in the air. If possible, move them outdoors, but on hot days provide some shade, and plan to move them to shade as soon as summer arrives; consider that my outdoor bonsai are in the garden, under the deciduous plants; in this way in winter they enjoy the full sun all day, while as soon as spring arrives, the foliage of the plants above the pots is covered with leaves, guaranteeing a good shade until the arrival of autumn. Ficus, on the other hand, is an evergreen tropical species, which in winter can enjoy minimum temperatures close to 10-12 ° C (as long as it is a ficus retusa, and not a ficus carica, which instead would go outdoors, except in the your request is not specified). The problem of your veranda is certainly due to a low environmental humidity, often accompanied by high temperatures, even in the cold months. If you want to continue to grow your bonsai under the veranda, consider that the prunus will be placed on the windows, but outside, while the ficus will go to the hottest part of the veranda, but often vaporizing the foliage, to increase the environmental humidity. Now that they are suffering, try to repot them, and to better document their cultural needs, both in terms of watering and in terms of light and environmental humidity.