Instructions for use and composition of Aminokat, fertilizer dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Aminokat, fertilizer dosage and analogues

Often, during the period of plant development, it is impossible to protect them from unfavorable weather conditions. Thanks to "Aminokat" it is possible to minimize the harm received by plant crops. The drug promotes the resumption of plant growth, increases their resistance to stressful situations, thereby ensuring productivity, and improves the quality of fruits.

Description and composition of the product "Aminokat"

Foliar dressing is produced in liquid form and is sold in containers of 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, in cans of 5 l, 25 l. The main components of the drug "Aminokat 30":

  • nitrogen - 3%;
  • phosphorus - 1%;
  • potassium - 1%;
  • organic matter - 18%;
  • amino acids - 30% (lysine, glutamic acid, glycine).

The liquid product belongs to organo-mineral fertilizers. For its production, seaweed extract, macro- and microelements are used. Manufacturers position "Aminokat" as a stimulant for the development of plant crops, the liquid is used to increase plant resistance to disease. Both irrigation of the aboveground part of the plants and root feeding are allowed.

Fertilizer purpose

Applying "Aminokat", summer residents and gardeners solve several problems at the same time. Thanks to readily available amino acids, the product exhibits the following advantages:

  • activates production processes;
  • the effectiveness of mineral supplements increases;
  • plant growth and development are stimulated;
  • yields and product quality are increased.

The drug primarily has a biostimulating effect on plants. The vital activity of plant crops is restored after unfavorable weather conditions (drought, hail, light sudden frosts, excess pesticide dressings).

Instructions for use

Since the liquid is used for different types of treatment of green spaces, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using it.

Fertilization methodPlant nameConsumption rates of working solution, l / haApplication features
Foliar feedingall types of shrubs, trees (excluding plums), vegetables, cerealsFor field crops - 200-600;

For gardens - 500-1000.

1-5 irrigations per season with an interval of 10-14 days (in the phases of flowering, fruit formation, 10-15 days before harvest)
Root dressingthe flow rate depends on the irrigation system used. To prepare a solution, 50 ml are dissolved in 1000 l of waterthe interval between treatments is 7-10 days

When used in private households, in apartment conditions, the consumption rates of the drug are significantly reduced.

Types of cropsConsumption rates, ml / l of waterThe nuances of using fertilizer
Fruit and berry, vegetables, floral and ornamental, lawn grass3,3root feeding is carried out up to 5 times per season with an interval of 10-14 days. Working solution consumption - 4-10 l / sq.m
3,3irrigation is carried out according to the same rules, the solution consumption is 1-2 l / m2
Potted home plants0,3-3with an interval of 10-14 days, the foliage is abundantly irrigated in the phase of active growth

Security measures

Fertilizer is not toxic, does not pose a danger to humans, beneficial insects. Therefore, when using, adhere to the standard precautionary rules:

  • put on protective gloves and a respirator before preparing the working solution;
  • in the process of processing green spaces, it is not recommended to drink, smoke, eat;
  • if the solution gets into the eyes, rinse the mucous membranes under running water.

It is advisable to spray the plants in cloudy, calm weather.

What is the fertilizer compatible with?

The manufacturer declares the possibility of simultaneous use of "Aminokat" and fungicides, herbicides, insecticides. However, in order to exclude possible phytotoxicity of the mixture, it is recommended to carry out its preliminary testing on plants. No sediment should form in the working solution.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

There is also an increase in the effectiveness of foliar fertilizers and preparations that protect plant crops, when combined with "Aminokat". But it cannot be mixed with fertilizers containing copper, sulfur, mineral oils.

How much can you store?

The shelf life of the drug is 3 years. For storage of fertilizers, it is recommended to allocate a separate dry room in which the temperature regime is maintained at + 4 ... + 20 ° С. The best option is to store the liquid in the original container, which indicates the name of the drug, production time, instructions for use. The working solution should be used on the day of preparation.

What can be replaced?

Popular analogs include "Foliton", "Megafol", "Maxifol speaker". Antistress drugs also include "Epin" and "Zircon", but the indicator of their effectiveness is slightly lower compared to drugs containing amino acids.

New generation preparations containing amino acids will help to solve the problem of stopping plant growth due to stressful situations. Thanks to these organic compounds, the processes of photosynthesis are resumed, the ability of plant crops to absorb nutritional supplements.

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