What mineral and vitamin supplements do horses need and how to give them

What mineral and vitamin supplements do horses need and how to give them

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The vast majority of animals, in addition to a balanced diet, need additional sources of vitamins and minerals. They are especially necessary for increased physical exertion, for older animals, during the bearing of offspring. Each pet has its own combinations of nutrients. Today we'll talk about when and what kind of feeding is necessary for horses.

What minerals and vitamins are needed?

The need for supplements depends on the type of work the horse is doing, its health, gender, age, housing conditions and individual characteristics. They are necessary in case of illness of the animal in order to quickly restore strength and avoid complications, during the period of growth, when all systems of the body are intensively developing, in old age, if all processes are already slowed down.

Complexes have been developed that are used with increased physical exertion, for example, at races. Supplements must be included in the diet when stalling a horse, a lack of succulent feed in the diet.

Animals need vitamins: A, groups B, C, D, K, E, H. The complex of essential elements for a horse includes: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, copper, iodine. Top dressing should be given as directed by a doctor, not exceeding the recommended dose. An excess of vitamins is no less harmful than a lack of them.

When should you give?

As top dressing, special complexes or ordinary food products (for example, unrefined vegetable oil) are used, which become an additional source of vitamins for the animal.

Their deficiency is indicated by various signs:

  • loss of appetite;
  • frequent illnesses, weakening of the immune system;
  • hoof injuries, joint problems;
  • condition of the coat;
  • birth of weak, sick foals, miscarriages;
  • eye diseases;
  • cramps, muscle weakness;
  • bone deformity in foals.

Vitamin and mineral complexes are selected and appointed by a veterinarian after examining the animal. There are supplements for strengthening the immune system, stabilizing the nervous system, better digestion and breathing. They are prescribed to animals with kidney or liver problems.

So that healthy horses do not develop vitamin deficiency, they add to the feed: salt, feed yeast, bone meal, bran, cake. Include fruits and roots in the diet of pets: carrots, beets, apples, apricots. Premixes are added for balanced nutrition.

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Important: they should be used according to the instructions of the manufacturer or veterinarian, not exceeding the recommended daily dose.

These feed additives are developed for specific groups of animals. They will be different for young and old horses, for horses and mares, healthy and weakened animals.

How to properly feed horses with supplements?

Top dressing is added to the main feed, for example, mixed with succulent grass or compound feed. If the horse refuses to take them, then you can mix the vitamin complex with apples or add a little sunflower oil.

The powders are usually mixed with water to prevent the additive from blowing out. It is better to choose a preparation in granules, pets are more willing to consume this option. You can take out the core from the apple, pour the preparation into the hole and feed the horse.

In extreme cases, a medicine or vitamin complex is poured into the animal's mouth using a syringe with a removed needle, or injections of drugs are prescribed.

If a balanced diet is selected for the animal, the horse can go out to pasture, veterinary examinations are systematically carried out, and at the first signs of problems, measures are taken, the pets will remain healthy, strong and beautiful for a long time.

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