How many times a day and a day a cow should be milked and what affects the number of milkings

How many times a day and a day a cow should be milked and what affects the number of milkings

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Compliance with the technique and milking regimen is considered in cattle breeding to be one of the most important factors ensuring the productivity and health of dairy animals. Milk yield depends on how many times a day farmers milk a cow, along with the physiological parameters of cattle, nutrition and housing conditions. The correct milking schedule allows you to competently stimulate the lactation of the animal, to avoid milk stagnation and the development of udder diseases.

How many times a day should a cow be milked

Among the parameters for determining the frequency of milking, the lactation phase and the productivity of the animal should be distinguished. Within two weeks after calving, the cow is milked out, milking 4-5 times a day. Then the cattle are milked 3 times a day. It is necessary to milk the cow by the hour, maintaining equal intervals of time, the longest of which should not exceed 9 hours.

Gradually, with the establishment of lactation (with an average daily milk yield of 8-10 liters), they switch to a two-time morning-evening schedule. If there is a lot of milk and it is hard for the cow, a three-fold regimen is left.

There is a “morning-lunch-evening” scheme, which is mainly used in a consistent format on high yielding dairy breeds. In some cases, such a schedule allows you to increase milk yield by 10-20%, but sometimes it does not significantly affect the amount of milk, which is determined experimentally and by calculation.

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One week before launch, they switch to single milking.

What can affect the number of milkings per day

The frequency of milking, as well as the volume of milk yield, is determined by a combination of factors.

The number of milkings is influenced by:

  • stages of the life cycle (after calving, the frequency increases, then gradually decreases);
  • physiological characteristics of cattle (udder size);
  • the severity of lactation (the formation of a large amount of milk, its leakage require additional manipulations);
  • diet (an abundance of juicy food stimulates lactation);
  • health status (cracks in the nipples require a gentle regimen, and the spreading of the udder requires timely emptying).

Milking frequency is established by rationally evaluating all parameters. Observe equal time intervals. When milking twice a day, it is recommended to maintain an interval of 12 hours, with a three-time scheme, the animal is milked after 7-8 hours. If additional milking does not work, it is advisable to switch to the morning-evening schedule.

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