Instructions for the use of the drug "Tiovit Jet" for the treatment of grapes, waiting times and dosages

Instructions for the use of the drug

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Modern gardeners try to minimize the use of chemicals of chemical origin on their sites. Unfortunately, folk methods are not always effective against diseases and pests. Often you have to use the tool "Tiovit Jet". Instructions for its use for grapes promise that this drug will reliably protect against various types of mites and fungal diseases, in particular powdery mildew.

Description of the drug

"Tiovit Jet" belongs to the fungicide and has good acaricidal properties that help to cope with all varieties of garden mites. It is used both for preventive purposes and for the improvement of grapes, garden shrubs and fruit trees, as well as other garden crops. The drug was once developed in Switzerland, but Russia is currently engaged in its release, because the price of "Tiovit Jet" is available for domestic gardeners.

The product is a granules packed in an airtight shell. It happens that unscrupulous sellers try to sell tablets or powder to inexperienced gardeners. This clearly indicates a fake. The shelf life of Tiovit Jet is 3 years from the date of production.

Mechanism of action

Sulfur of high quality acts as an active component of Tiovit Jet. It is she who has a destructive effect on bacteria, suppressing their development and destroying the cells of pathogenic microorganisms. The microflora of the grape or other plant itself is preserved intact. The granules of the drug are distinguished by good water solubility, form a homogeneous liquid mass. The shelf life of Tiovit Jet is 3 years from the date of production.

The density of the substance makes it possible for Tiovit Jet to contact any surface and not run off on it, as ordinary water does. The product does not belong to organic compounds containing active reagents. This makes it possible to use "Tiovit Jet" to combat:

  • oidium;
  • acaricides;
  • various types of fungi.

The grapevine is highly susceptible to infection with mildew bacteria colonies. For other plants, "Tiovit Jet" is not toxic, therefore, when used for the treatment and prevention of diseases, the resulting crop is considered environmentally friendly. The number of treatments carried out depends on the degree of damage to the grapes by the disease or pest. Also, climatic conditions play an important role in this issue, because during the rainy season, the effectiveness of the use of the drug is significantly reduced.

Instructions for use

The instruction for the use of the drug "Tiovit Jet" suggests that it is advisable to carry out preventive measures to prevent the development of diseases. A detailed list of actions for grapes and other plants can be found on the packaging of the drug itself. The use of the product begins after the capsules are dissolved in a small amount of water, and then, with constant stirring, are added to the required volume of liquid. The solution is stirred for 7 minutes, after which processing begins immediately.

To prevent the appearance of ticks on the site, you need 40 grams of the drug and 10 liters of water.

Fungicide is sprayed in vineyards 1 time per season. To carry out preventive measures against powdery mildew, 50 grams of Tiovit Jeta will be required for the same volume of water. In this case, 5 treatments will be required per season. Preventive treatments should be carried out before and after the flowering of the vineyard. When to cultivate vineyards? It is better to schedule work for the morning or evening hours. On average, one bush will require about 3 liters of the prepared solution of the drug.


"Tiovit Jet" is considered a non-toxic drug, but some safety measures need to be followed. Since the drug is a chemical agent, it is not recommended to mix it with other chemicals, since Tiovit Jet can enter into various kinds of reactions. The drug is classified as hazard class 3. This suggests that it has a moderate effect on the human body. However, experienced gardeners recommend, for safety reasons, to carry out work at a time when there is no one else nearby. Animals should also not be present in the treatment area.

Standard precautions include the following protective equipment:

  • special mask;
  • protective clothing set.

Do not eat food while spraying with Tiovit Jet. You should also avoid getting the product on open areas of the body, mucous membranes or hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

Compared to competitors, Tiovit Jet has a number of advantages:

  • it is not phytotoxic;
  • ease of use;
  • universal application for many plants;
  • the period of consumption of ripening fruits is significantly reduced;
  • the shelf life is significantly increased;
  • not flammable.

There are no significant drawbacks in the drug, but some gardeners note that "Tiovit Jet" is easily washed off by rain. It also has a strong and pungent sulfur odor, often leading to irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Dates of validity

The waiting time for the onset of drug action is only a few hours. Further protection lasts for 1-1.5 weeks. It all depends on what the weather is like, because the rains wash away most of the Tiovit Jet protective agent. The frequency of treatments depends on their ultimate goal. For the prevention of powdery mildew, it is required to carry out at least 5 treatments per season, but in order to prevent the appearance of various kinds of mites, one procedure is enough.

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