Garden tables and chairs

Garden tables and chairs

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Garden tables and chairs

The tables and the garden chairs are a fundamental element in the furnishing of any open space as they constitute the essential part of the furnishing of any respectable garden.
Choosing the right combination of tables and garden chairs is not as simple as it is believed, in fact, these pieces of furniture are made of various materials and many models that are generally combined together in order to create their own personal style and make the garden suited to your needs.
To choose the right type of table and garden chair, several factors must be considered first of all which must be the main function of these two elements and where they must be positioned in fact there are models that are mainly comfortable and functional but do not have a great aesthetic and other models that have a particular designer and style but which may not be very comfortable, so to choose the best you need to carefully evaluate your priorities.
When choosing garden tables and chairs, you should also keep in mind their main purpose, because if you need a table to set up a dining area you will have to choose for a functional and large model (especially if you like to organize outdoor dinners with friends) while if you use the table as a support point or just as a garden embellishment, you should prefer a small model with a great visual impact, while the chairs should always be combined, both in size and style, in fact, both are generally purchased at the table same moment.
The choice must also be made based on the place where you have to place both items of furniture because some materials are very light while others are fixed and heavy so, once positioned, it will be difficult to move them.
Another important factor also concerns exposure to atmospheric agents as not all materials can be exposed for long without being damaged even if most of the outdoor furniture is treated to withstand the elements.


There are several models of garden tables and chairs that can vary both in shape and size, passing from smaller models suitable for the relaxation area to larger models designed above all for the dining area, the greatest differences in size are for tables because the chairs (apart from the armchair models) have more or less the same dimensions and differ only in the presence or not of the armrests.
As already mentioned, to choose the most suitable table and chairs for your garden you have to think about their function and then choose the size based on the number of people that will have to accommodate but if you have little space there are very practical solutions that you can choose.
There are in fact extendable tables that easily pass from hosting six people to hosting twelve and then there are the folding tables and chairs that can only be used in case of need and can be stored when not in use (folding chairs are also used as chairs reserve near the extendable tables) so as not to take up valuable space.
In addition to the various models, you can also choose the color with which to decorate our garden, in fact, both the tables and the chairs are available in many colors even if you always prefer the colors that best match the nature and therefore blend with the environment of the garden.


The main materials used to make the garden tables and chairs are wood, plastic and iron.
The tables and chairs made of wood are very durable and long-lasting, they have a beautiful aesthetic and go very well with the nature of the garden, but wood is a heavy material, so the tables and chairs made of this material, generally, represent a choice of fixed furniture. The most used wood for this type of furniture is teak because it is naturally more resistant than other types of wood.
The models made of plastic are durable, long lasting and require no maintenance over time. This type of material represents the most practical and functional choice of tables and chairs but also the less aesthetic one. Plastic is generally thought of as a type of mobile furniture because it is light and easy to move; in fact, in the event of very strong gusts of wind, the plastic tables and chairs could fly away or be damaged.
The iron tables and chairs are very resistant and elegant, especially those made of wrought iron and are often used mainly to decorate the garden. Iron is very heavy and therefore represents a type of fixed furniture.

Garden tables and chairs: Maintenance and purchase

Among the various materials in which the tables and garden chairs are made, only plastic does not require any type of maintenance, whereas for wood (except teak) it is necessary to periodically repaint it in order to restore protection against atmospheric agents while the iron (except the galvanized one) can be subject to rust so it must be checked periodically and, if rust is present, it must be eliminated.
For the purchase it is possible to go to garden furniture stores or shopping malls while, in the case of models made of wrought iron, it is possible to order them from an iron craftsman.