Instructions for the use of herbicide Fabian, mechanism of action and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of herbicide Fabian, mechanism of action and consumption rates

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Fabian is a combination herbicide designed to eliminate weeds in soybeans. The tool effectively destroys both cereal varieties and one- and two-year-old dicotyledons. The product is distinguished by its powerful effect on weeds, due to which it is actively used in the cultivation of soybeans. Consider the instructions for the use of Fabian herbicide and figure out in what cases and how to use it correctly.

Composition and form of release

The preparation contains substances that block the growth and development of weeds, but are safe for soy crops. Release form - bottles weighing one kilogram with granules of the substance.

Appointment of funds

Fabian herbicide is intended primarily for the treatment of soybeans. Effectively destroys weeds that interfere with the growth of soybean crops.

Fabian's mechanism of action

After processing the field, the substances of the preparation penetrate directly into the weed plant. Then they begin to move inside the weed, blocking the production of protein. As a result, cell growth and division are inhibited, and then completely stopped.

At optimal air temperature, atmospheric pressure and the amount of precipitation, signs of weed infestation will be noticeable within five days from the moment the crops are treated with the drug. If the air temperature is too high or low, then the weeds will decay longer - the effect will be noticeable, on average, after ten days.

The complete death of weed plants occurs after twenty to thirty days.

Impact speed and symptoms

Weed growth slows down just a couple of hours after Fabian application. Therefore, weeds cease to interfere with the growth of soybeans immediately, but a noticeable effect appears after a few days. In warm weather, after five to seven days, weeds completely stop growing with yellowing of the leaves. At high or low temperatures, the effect will be noticeable a little later.

The weed dies completely after a few weeks. Symptoms appear more slowly if the weeds are at an advanced stage of development at the time of treatment.

Protective period

The drug continues to affect and protect the soybean fields for two to three months after application. Specific timing varies depending on weather factors, as well as the composition and stage of development of the weeds.

Pros of the herbicide

The main advantage of Fabian over other weed control agents is its wide range of applications. The herbicide is able to quickly and effectively destroy all types of weeds growing in soybean fields. At the same time, the processing time can be different - the herbicide can be applied both before sowing and before germination, and even during the growing season. The period of exposure of the agent to weeds covers the entire growing season.

The drug is characterized by soil activity and is able to affect weed plants both through the leaves and through the root system. Economical in terms of consumption rates.

Phytotoxicity, crop tolerance

If the timing of the treatment of plants with the drug is observed correctly, the herbicide will not show signs of phytotoxicity.

Possibility of emergence of resistance

Weed resistance to the effects of the active substances of the drug is not observed, however, to completely eliminate its occurrence, it is recommended to alternate treatment with Fabian with herbicide treatment with other mechanisms of action.

Means of expenditure of funds

When processing the soil before sowing and at the first stages of germination of weed plants, the consumption rate will be one hundred grams of the drug per hectare. When spraying in the early stages of weed growth, the rate is eighty to one hundred grams per hectare.

Preparation of working solution

The solution must be made before use, not earlier than a couple of hours. Before preparing the solution, it is necessary to accurately measure the required amount, since the leftovers cannot be used next time. The measured amount of the drug must be dissolved in clean water.

To do this, the agent must be poured into a container with water and mixed thoroughly. It is best to dissolve the powder in a little water and then add water to the required volume per area to be treated.

Application technology of the drug

According to the instructions for the herbicide, the application technology depends on the weeds that fill the field at the time of treatment.

If the soil is weakly or moderately clogged with annual dicotyledonous weeds, as well as annual cereals, then the agent will be more effective to apply after early germination.

If the crops are heavily contaminated with one- and two-year-old cereals, then Fabian is first processed, and then additionally processed with graminicides. It is best to carry out the procedure when the weeds have reached a height of ten to fifteen centimeters.

If the territory is littered with cereal and dicotyledonous weeds at the same time, first, herbicides for the soil are introduced into the soil, after which, already during the growing season, they are sprayed with Fabian.

During a prolonged spring, it is advisable to treat the soil with the Tornado herbicide a few days before sowing, and to apply Fabian during weed sprouting.

When using the drug, the air temperature should be from plus ten to plus twenty-five degrees Celsius. It is best to carry out processing at a temperature of plus fifteen degrees. At this moment, weeds are actively developing, and the agent will work many times faster and more efficiently.

Safety rules for use

Use protective suits that completely cover the skin, as well as masks and respirators during processing. Do not let the working solution come into contact with the skin and mucous membranes.

If the herbicide comes in contact with the skin, rinse the affected area immediately to avoid rashes.

Compatibility with other products

When using the drug at a time when harmful perennial weeds have already taken root in the soil, it is advisable to combine the herbicide with other means. The greatest efficiency is demonstrated by the simultaneous use of Fabian with such herbicides as Tornado, Lazurit and Treflan. These funds should be used when cultivating the soil before sowing, and Fabian should be introduced during germination.

If the field is running and the weeds have grown very much, you can make a solution with Fabian and Nabob products. To prepare a solution for one hectare of crops, one hundred liters of Fabian's working solution and a liter of Nabob are required.

How to store the herbicide

Fabian has a shelf life of five years from the date of manufacture. Store in a securely closed package, in a dark place out of the reach of children, at temperatures from minus twenty-five to plus thirty-five degrees Celsius. The solution is prepared immediately before processing, the remaining solution should be disposed of.

Similar drugs

The Fabian preparation has a unique effect and effectiveness in protecting soybean crops from weeds. There are no funds with a similar effect on the market.

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