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The design of a garden, on the other hand, requires the utmost attention to a series of parameters such as the climatic conditions, the exposure of the ground to the sun, the type of plants you want to buy and, obviously, the budget available. It is clear, in fact, that any planning cannot disregard the consideration of the initial economic resources: it is therefore advisable to make a preventive calculation of the expenses that are expected to be incurred, so as to be able to complete the work in peace without abandoning them during construction. It was also said of the importance of the climatic conditions: it is clear that factors such as environmental humidity, the intensity of the gusts of wind, the abundance of rainfall, the winter rigor or the summer drought can hardly be contemplated by a software: and yet these are fundamental elements for managing the organization of the garden. In fact, there are plants that love the sun, the heat and an arid climate, and plants that prefer a humid climate, the shade, the frost. These elements can only be assessed in reality, and must indicate the way forward. With regard to the exposure of the ground to the sun, instead, we tend to consider the one that looks to the south as the best possible, because it can rely on the light and heat of the sun's rays for most of the day. Absolutely to be avoided, on the other hand, would be the planting of plants in lands exposed to the east, which, despite being touched by the sun since early morning, are already shaded in the very early hours of the afternoon, and moreover victims of rather abrupt temperature changes, which make the plants suffer clearly. An exposure to the north, on the other hand, guarantees decidedly gradual temperature changes, and therefore very pleasing to the plant species.Accessories and garden objects

The organization of the online garden, as mentioned, takes into consideration numerous elements that do not strictly concern vegetation: this is the case, for example, of a possible fountain, whose presence, however, can only depend on the size of the area that must be set up. It is clear, in fact, that for a very small garden it will be preferable to occupy the space with plants, shrubs and trees, or at least leave the lawn free, rather than place a somewhat cumbersome fountain. On the other hand, inside a very large garden you can indulge yourself with the most different solutions: you can think, for example, of a small inflatable swimming pool for children, or even go further and dare with the creation of a pond (which, however, requires extensive work, in many municipalities the presence of bureaucratic documents, excavations and rather high costs). It could also be useful to divide the garden into different areas depending on the functionality: for example by dedicating a space to children with swings, slides and other games for the little ones, and maybe a small area with sand inside; then, allocating a space for relaxation, for example with a gazebo in the shade of which you can read a book or simply shelter from the too hot sun rays of summer days. Of course, chairs or benches around a table cannot be missed for lunch on sunny days and on summer evenings, and, if you love outdoor grilled fish and meat, a stone or brick barbecue where you can cook dishes delicious.

Online Garden: The importance of integrating web tips with contingent conditions

In short, the design of an online garden through the programs found on the Internet can come in handy when it provides valuable suggestions, provides new ideas and offers innovative ideas; but you cannot rely exclusively on sites and software, since the evaluation of contingent conditions can only be done in reality. Elements such as humidity, the influence of the sun's rays, the wind, the type of soil (there are very acid soils and very basic soils, each of which may be useful to some plants and harmful to others) that must be taken into consideration inevitably when a green space is created. Finally, personal tastes and individual needs will guide the choice of plants towards one species rather than another, a fruit tree rather than another, a hedge rather than a border, a flower bed rather than a bush.


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