The best varieties of white cabbage seeds with names

The best varieties of white cabbage seeds with names

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There is no such summer resident who would not grow various varieties of white cabbage on his site. Once upon a time, only a few species of this culture were known. Now the variety is so wide that it is sometimes very difficult to choose.

Division into categories

To choose white cabbage seeds, you need to clearly know what maturation period and the method of using the vegetable is preferable.

All varieties are divided into 3 groups:

  • Early.
  • Average
  • Late.

Each category suggests different uses. Early cabbage is practically not stored. Its main area of ​​application is the preparation of fresh salads and eating directly after cutting.

Medium cabbages keep slightly better because they ripen longer. The versatility of their application depends on the preferences of each family.

Late species are most suitable for storage in winter. They lie very well and do not deteriorate for a long time. Most often used for fermentation and pickling for the winter.

Category "Early"

To choose a variety for your site, you need to study the description of the species. And plant only those that are suitable for the needs of the family. The best varieties of early cabbage:

  • Malachite. Salad variety of culture. One head of cabbage weighs up to 2 kg. It tastes juicy, spreads its leaves widely. But, despite this, the head is dense and hard. Frequent watering causes the cabbage to grow rapidly.
  • Taurus. Hybrid variety. Weight reaches 6 kg. But this is subject to the fulfillment of all the requirements of agricultural technology. It is immune to many diseases.
  • Zarya f The weight of the fork reaches 2 kg. When fresh, it tastes great and is used in all salads. But it is not stored at all and is not used in canned form.
  • Dumas f Heads of cabbage do not crack. The taste is great. Eating is standard for varieties of this category, only fresh. Forks tie perfectly even in dense stands.

  • Rinda f Suitable for salads and fresh consumption. Can be stored for 4 months, only needs to be placed in a cool place. Average density, excellent taste.
  • Cossack f Weighs up to 1.5 kg. There is no bitterness characteristic of plants. Does not crack and retains its presentation.
  • June. Weight 2.5 kg. It is important to remove from the beds in time, otherwise the forks will crack and bloom.

Category "Medium"

Among the medium varieties of white cabbage, there are also favorites. According to the estimates of summer residents, the best varieties of the average ripening period have been identified.

  • Bravo Cabbage f1. The forks are firm and tasty, do not crack. Perfectly transported.
  • Dobrovodskaya. Juicy and sweet variety. With proper agricultural technology, the weight of one head is 8 kg. The average weight is about 5 kg. Can be stored for up to 5 months. Excellent resistance to diseases and pests.
  • Cabbage Menza f The size of cabbage of this variety reaches 9 kg. But some summer residents argue that she is able to create a miracle on a record. Delighting a patient gardener weighing 15 kg. It is important not to be lazy and to carry out top dressing and other necessary agrotechnical techniques on time. Has no flaws.

  • Siberian. Excellent taste. Suitable for pickling and pickling, used fresh. The head of cabbage weighs about 3 kg, but if all the requirements are correctly followed, the weight indicators can be increased. Sibiryachka cabbage has excellent commercial characteristics, it is stored for a long time.
  • Present. A spicy aftertaste is felt. It can be distinguished from other varieties by its characteristic waxy bloom. Weight approx. 4 kg. Very often this variety of white cabbage is used for winter harvesting. Keeps excellent shape even when transported over long distances.
  • Cabbage Westri f1 A variety of white cabbage resistant to fusarium and fusarium wilt. The mass of the heads ranges from 4 to 8 kg. Versatile, but short shelf life

  • Krautman f Forks weighing up to 4.5 kg. Resistant to cracking, neither rainy weather nor a long stay in the garden affects this indicator. It is able to keep its presentation for 4 months, but subject to proper storage.
  • Tobia cabbage. Forks weighs 5 kg. The view is great for mechanical cleaning. Versatile in application. Stored for several months.
  • The merchant's wife. Weight up to 3 kg. the taste is great. Suitable for salting. Lies for several months without loss of presentation.
  • Blizzard cabbage. Gardeners like those that do not crack. Taste characteristics are excellent. It can be stored for up to 4 months. Not susceptible to common cultural diseases.

Category "Late"

Species from this category are planted by summer residents to obtain a crop that can be kept fresh for the winter. Moreover, the most important characteristics are the shelf life of the heads of cabbage. The best varieties of late ripening:

  • Geneva. It is a hybrid. The forks are dense and can be stored for a very long time. If favorable conditions are created, it will lie quietly until the next harvest.
  • Amager. Most suitable for fermentation and other types of winter preparations. High density, resistant to fungal infections. Does not crack, suitable for mechanized harvesting.

Amager cabbage, cold-resistant. But at the same time, it requires abundant watering, because it does not tolerate an increase in temperature.

  • Moscow late. The best among their own kind. Heads of cabbage reach 10 kg. They are dense, easily transported without being damaged and keeping their presentation. They are immune to many diseases. Very juicy. They are not afraid of a drop in temperature, they tolerate frost up to -5 to -7 ⁰С without complications. If stored at a temperature of +5 ⁰С, they lie for more than 9 months.
  • Aggressor f1. High density. Approximate weight approx. 5 kg. Practically does not crack. This variety of white cabbage is resistant to several diseases. You can store it for 5 months, it is used for salting. The first is ready for harvesting, ripening period 120 days.
  • Mara. Heads of cabbage reach a weight of 4 kg. It ripens for a very long time, but has a good taste. It is used for harvesting in the winter as a whole. Shelf life up to 8 months. Resistant to rot.

  • Filibuster f1. Low weight forks, 3.5 kg. Versatility in application. Excellent taste characteristics of fresh and canned food.
  • Megaton f1. The dense heads reach a weight of 5 kg. They are immune to disease and insect damage. It is necessary to water and feed the cabbage frequently. Stored for 5 months. Excellent taste characteristics, go well for blanks.
  • Snow White. The description indicates the versatility of the plant. It lies for a long time, keeping its presentation, it is fermented and pickled, and also used in fresh salads. The weight of the heads of cabbage reaches 4 kg. Delivers transportation over long distances.
  • Valentina f Possesses all the necessary qualities, is stored for a long time, is suitable for canning. Differs in taste, very crispy and sweet. Weight 4 kg.

  • Sugarloaf. Reviews of summer residents agree, many point to the similarity of reality with the name. The taste is excellent, the bitterness characteristic of cabbage is completely absent. One forks weighs 3.5 kg.
  • Kolobok f Weight fork 5 kg. Able to lie until late spring. The disadvantage of the variety is its susceptibility to diseases and attacks of insect pests.
  • Triumph f Matures long, stored for 8 months. Perfect for any kind of winter harvesting. Does not suffer from fusarium wilting.
  • Lying f Hybrid, with heads of cabbage weighing up to 3 kg. In addition, the process of pickling or pickling does not begin immediately after harvesting. And in a few months, when the cabbage reaches the highest concentration of taste characteristics. Lies for 9 months, keeping the presentation.

Rules and requirements for planting and caring for crops

In order to get an excellent harvest, you need to approach the growing process correctly. You should start from the very beginning. Correct sowing of white cabbage seeds. As well as further care of plants.

  1. Correctly calculate the sowing time for seedlings, based on the characteristics of your region. You need to plant it in the ground after 40 days of seedling growth.
  2. Seedlings begin to harden from 2 weeks of age.
  3. The beds for planting are prepared in advance. Organic fertilizers are introduced into the finished wells.
  4. After planting in a permanent place, careful maintenance is recommended. Timely watering, fertilization, weed and pest control.

The point of view of all summer residents agree that cabbage loves watering. This condition should be met strictly, because the volume of the crop depends on it. In the beginning, it should be frequent and not abundant. Then the gap increases, and the volume of water used for this action increases accordingly. Do not forget about organic and mineral supplements from time to time. Compliance and patience will surely pay off at harvest time.

The variety of species makes the final choice of gardeners difficult. But at the same time, it makes it possible to choose such varieties that are perfect for every family.

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