Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Marusya, its yield

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Marusya, its yield

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One of the best determinant varieties of Russian selection is the Marusya tomato. A vegetable plant has recently appeared on the market, but it quickly spread among gardeners.

Description of the variety

In the Marusya tomatoes, the bush is a medium leafy stem, reaching a height of half to a whole meter. Elongated tomatoes are located on the cluster, like grapes on bunches. Red fruits weighing 60 to 80 grams are similar in shape to a plum.

The characteristics of Marusya tomatoes include:

  • intensity of fruit color;
  • the presence inside two or three chambers with a small amount of seeds;
  • a large percentage of dry matter;
  • strong skin does not lend itself to cracking;
  • fresh tomatoes are stored for a long time;
  • fruits have an excellent appearance, tolerate transportation well.

Planting a vegetable plant gives more than seven kilograms of delicious, fleshy tomatoes per square meter.

Determinant benefits

The advantages of the Marusya variety include:

  1. Tomatoes produce excellent fruits both outdoors and under film coatings.
  2. You can wait for the harvest 105 - 110 days after germination.
  3. Abundant fruiting continues from the twenties of July until the end of the season.
  4. The tomato variety Marusya is resistant to many tomato diseases. The plant does not lend itself to infection with verticillium, fusarium.
  5. The resistance of tomatoes to unfavorable climatic conditions is noted. They tolerate drought well, sharp temperature fluctuations.
  6. The decorativeness of the bush allows you to use the vegetable plant as an element of the site design.

Many farmers who grow tomatoes on an industrial scale choose Marusya because the fruits of the vegetable have an excellent presentation. The versatility of using red tomatoes is also appreciated.

Growing and care requirements

According to reviews, the yield of Marusya tomato depends on how the tomatoes are grown. Among the mandatory requirements:

  • selection and disinfection of seed material;
  • sowing fifty-five days before transplanting into open ground;
  • keeping seedlings in rooms with an air temperature of 25 degrees, sufficient lighting;
  • picking seedlings after the appearance of two true leaves in separate pots;
  • top dressing with specialized fertilizers;
  • planting seedlings in a greenhouse or on beds in a vegetable garden.

If you plant seedlings in open ground, then this should be done in the evening or in cloudy weather. Delicate bushes are afraid of the scorching sun rays.

So that the tomatoes develop successfully, do not get sick, they are sprayed with Fitosporin. Treatment of vegetable plants with a mixture of whey and a few drops of iodine will also be a prophylaxis. Solutions of wood ash, tobacco dust, lime will save from slugs.

Properly organized watering is important for Marusya tomatoes. It is necessary to moisten the soil regularly, monitoring the drying out of the topsoil. Excessive moisture is also dangerous for tomatoes. The fruits can crack if the irrigation regime is violated - after a shortage of water, its abundance. And the flowers fall off if the plant grows vigorously and gives many extra shoots. In such cases, the side shoots are broken out.

We grow tomatoes as usual with top dressing, loosening the soil, timely collection of ripe fruits.

The tomato bushes are fed for the first time with mullein or bird droppings. Organic substances are diluted in a bucket of water in accordance with the proportions. The next time, ten days later, mineral fertilizers are applied to the soil: for ten liters of water, twenty-five grams of ammonium nitrate, sixty - superphosphate, fifteen - potassium salt. It is necessary to dilute one gram of boric acid in a solution. Two weeks later, add one liter of nutrient mixtures to each well again. An excess of nitrogenous fertilizers can lead to dropping of the ovaries. It is necessary to think about this when organizing dressings.

Tomatoes ripen faster and become sweet if the shade of the leaves does not fall on them. Unripe tomatoes are harvested and brought to ripeness in a dark room, where the temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius.

Gardeners about tomato

For summer residents, the Marusya tomato is one of the most successful determinant species. It is easy to look after him, he does not need a garter, a pinching. And he always gives stable yields. Many, having become acquainted with the characteristics and descriptions of the Maroussia tomato variety, choose only it for canning. But even fresh tomatoes taste good, give salads aroma and originality.

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