Too much fertilizer

Too much fertilizer

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Question: too much fertilizer

What should be done when too much fertilizer has been given to succulent plants?

Answer: too much fertilizer

Dear Rosalba,
much depends on how much fertilizer you have actually given to your fat; if you have simply given a dose of an unsuitable fertilizer for succulent plants, but for example for flowering plants, or for green plants, there are no problems, clearly it is advisable that you avoid providing further fertilizer in the coming months. If, on the other hand, you have used a fertilizer for succulent and succulent plants, but have doubled or tripled your dose, in theory your plants should not suffer excessively, even in this case it is sufficient to avoid administering further fertilizer, so that during watering water can wash away excess mineral salts. But if you've provided a really large amount, for example ten times the recommended dose, or maybe the right dose but for 10-15 consecutive days, then your plants already show signs of rapid decay, caused by the excessive amount of salts in the ground. Since the amount of salts is definitely very high, it is advisable to repot them in a fresh, clean soil, free of any fertilizer. Then prepare a substrate, taking peat, a simple pure peat, not a composite soil; at each dose of peat, add about two doses of lapillus, or pumice stone, so as to obtain a very porous and draining substrate, which lets the water slip away freely. Avoid already prepared and mixed soils, because in addition to peat and other materials, they also always contain fertilizer, and I would say that now it is something that your plants have no need for. After a few days from the repotting water normally, but wait at least a couple of weeks before returning to normal fertilization. Consider that in any case succulent plants tend to develop without problems even if you do not supply them with any fertilizer, therefore, rather than causing damage, you avoid providing any fertilizer until next spring.