Description of early ripe tomato Ephemer and characteristics of the variety

Description of early ripe tomato Ephemer and characteristics of the variety

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Tomato Ephemer is a variety that has many positive qualities: the versatility of using ripe fruits, early and friendly ripening, excellent taste of ripe tomatoes, ease of growing and caring for the bushes of this variety.

But before you buy the seeds of this hybrid, you should learn more about it. So, the tomato Ephemer: what you should know about this plant, a description of the variety and its characteristics, as well as much more that a vegetable grower needs to know about before planting seed.

Main characteristics and description

This tomato is a variety with an early ripening period - no more than three months pass from the moment the first shoots appear until the ripe fruits are harvested. Ephemeral refers to the determinant type, which means that the bushes do not grow more than a certain height, most often they do not form stepchildren. These tomatoes can be grown outdoors or under plastic cover.

The variety is widespread in our country, as well as in Ukraine. Moreover, the variety does not necessarily have a lot of sun and heat during the ripening period - tomatoes also ripen with temperature fluctuations and other natural "cataclysms". Seed germination is close to 100%.

The bushes are quite powerful, compact, rather miniature, the shoots are erect, strong, can reach a height of 0.7 m, not very branching. The foliage is simple, tomato, bright green. Each bush can ripen up to 8 brushes with fruits.

The ripening fruits of this variety are small, their weight can reach 65 g, the color is bright, red. The skin is dense, the pulp of the tomato is juicy, tasty with a slight tomato sourness. Ripe fruits are not prone to cracking, they perfectly tolerate transportation over a fairly long distance.

Ephemer tomatoes can be stored for a long time in a cool place (at least 1.5-2 months).

These tomatoes are versatile: they can be used fresh, and can also be salted, pickled, and juiced.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages of Ephemer are:

  • high germination of planting material;
  • resistance to weather changes;
  • early and friendly ripening of fruits;
  • high commercial and taste qualities;
  • the variety is early maturing, therefore, under favorable conditions, it can give two harvests per season;
  • does not require the formation of bushes, tying to trellises and pinching;
  • resistance to most diseases affecting tomatoes is high.

There are practically no disadvantages of the variety. But it should be noted that Ephemer tomatoes "love" Colorado beetles, which will have to be fought regularly and constantly. You should also normalize the brushes, otherwise the ripening fruits become much smaller - the bushes are not able to "feed" too many fruits.

Growing tomato Ephemer

There are no special nuances in growing the variety - if you wish, you can pre-plant seeds at home for seedlings, and then plant them in open ground in mid-late May. The distance between the bushes in the beds is at least 0.4-0.45 m.

Caring for the seedlings planted in the beds is reduced to regular watering, weeding and loosening, as well as applying top dressing.

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