Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Moscow Lights, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Moscow Lights, its yield

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Tomato Moscow Lights is an excellent choice for both experienced summer residents and gardeners, and for amateurs, and even for those who first decided to start growing tomatoes.

This variety is quite compact and unpretentious to care for, takes up very little space on the site and does not require special wisdom in its cultivation.

Characteristics of this variety of tomatoes

Tomatoes of this variety are a determinant variety, which, in terms of ripening, belongs to the early varieties of tomatoes. The crop is harvested 90-100 days after planting. In height, the bushes reach up to 1 meter, in width they practically do not grow, which makes it possible to grow them in areas where there is relatively little space.

The description of this variety testifies to its thermophilicity. This variety is intended for cultivation in the southern warm regions of our vast country.

The stems of the bush are high, the foliage is medium, the leaves themselves are quite large, rich green color.

The fruits themselves are small in size, regular round shape, fleshy. When mature, they are dark red in color. Vegetables weigh 90-10 grams. The taste is excellent, the fruits are sweet with a pleasant sourness. Perfect for canning: neat size, crack-resistant fruits and very appetizing when rolled up in jars for the winter. Can be eaten fresh: delicious salads are made from sweet and fleshy fruits. Suitable for making ketchups, sauces, juices.

Another advantage of the variety is the excellent keeping quality of vegetables and long shelf life, which allows them to be transported over large areas.

The declared characteristic of this variety indicates the excellent yield of such tomatoes. It is possible to grow up to 5 kg of excellent tasty tomatoes on one square meter.

Growing and care

The cultivation of this variety does not require any special methods.

Like most of its relatives, this tomato is grown mainly from seedlings. To do this, tomato seeds disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate are planted in containers, left in a warm place and wait for shoots. When 1-2 true leaves appear on the seedlings, they dive into separate pots, and wait for the seedlings to grow and get stronger, periodically moistening the soil and loosening it. From time to time it is necessary to harden the seedlings by taking them out into the street, gradually increasing the time spent in the open air and bringing it to a whole day.

Important to remember! It is necessary to leave the seedlings on the street only after waiting for the end of the night frosts, otherwise the tender and still weak seedlings may freeze and die.

When 4-5 true leaves appear on the seedlings, you can transfer it to open soil.

Seedlings are planted in open soil in May. If you want to wait for the harvest earlier, you can plant the seedlings at the very beginning of May, but you should definitely cover the seedlings with film or agrofibre at first until the night frosts have passed. Seedlings are planted without shelter at the end of May.

Further care for tomatoes consists in timely, but not too frequent watering, fertilization, loosening, and weed removal.

This variety positions itself as very resistant to various pests and diseases. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of summer residents and gardeners. But nevertheless, sometimes tomatoes are affected by late blight. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to process the seedlings with special means before planting in open ground.

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