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Question: as fertilizer

good morning
my question is very simple, such as fertilizer
for a magniolia cow or horse fertilizer?
thanks greetings Mauro

Answer: as a fertilizer

Dear Mauro,
manure, besides being an excellent fertilizer, also acts as a soil conditioner. It fertilizes the soil because it contains minerals similar to those found in the most common synthetic fertilizers, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; in particular cow manure contains about half of it compared to horse manure. It acts as a soil conditioner because, in addition to mineral salts, manure also contains fibers and waste from the digestion of animals, together with straw or other plant material litters, these substances improve the texture of the land. In particular cow manure has a better soil improver in very sandy and poor soils, to which a greater structure; horse manure improves the texture, especially of very compact clay soils, which makes it lighter and more permeable. Therefore, neither of them is better than the other, it depends on what you need to fertilize, or on the soil in which they must be inserted. As for the plants to be fertilized, both are good for magnolia. Surely the simple use of manure does not allow to obtain a cultivation soil suitable for all plants; if you have a magnolia stellata or a magnolia soulangeana, consider that they are plants that like a soil with a ph tendency to acid, so it will be advisable to periodically soil the soil with sphagnum peat, or use a soothing fertilizer with chelated iron. If, on the other hand, you own a magnolia grandiflora, it will tend to adapt to any soil you have, without being affected by the excesses of limestone in the water used for watering. Magnolias are not plants that require great care, and apart from the problems mentioned above, concerning ph, consider that in general an autumn supply of manure is sufficient; the product should be spread at the base of the stem, in an area that is more or less the size of the foliage; after spreading it slightly hoes the soil, to make it penetrate a little, so that it carries out its amending action also to the ground below.


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