Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Lakomka

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Lakomka

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Early ripe tomato species are appreciated by summer residents, because in summer the body already craves vitamins hidden in mature tomatoes. Therefore, tomato Lakomka is grown in almost all summer cottages, it bears fruit already 85-100 days after seed germination.

Plant features

Characteristics of tomatoes Gourmet contains such qualities as:

  • the short stature of the bush, reaching a height of sixty centimeters;
  • medium leafiness of the stem;
  • semi-spreading of the plant;
  • the formation of the first inflorescence at the level of the eighth-ninth leaf;
  • laying the following brushes with an interval of one or two sheets.

Depending on the structure of the tomato bush, they also organize a scheme for planting a vegetable and caring for it.

The advantages of the variety include:

  • obtaining high yields from the bush;
  • drought tolerance of tomatoes;
  • good fruit setting even in unfavorable weather;
  • excellent immunity that protects against certain fungal diseases.

Whoever planted Lakomka knows how easy it is to grow the variety even outdoors.

The main qualities of the fruit

Gourmet tomatoes have excellent properties:

  1. The fruits are round in shape.
  2. The flesh under the thin skin is tender and juicy.
  3. After the green color, as they ripen, the tomatoes are poured with raspberry ripeness, without a spot near the stalk.
  4. The number of seed nests is three to four.
  5. By weight, the fruits reach 100 - 120 grams.
  6. The taste of a tomato is truly tomato, sweetish.

The yield of tomatoes from one square meter of planting reaches six or seven kilograms.

Among the tomatoes, there is a similar variety that produces dark colored fruits. It is called the Black Gourmet. Tomato also bears fruit of medium size, similar in color to pomegranate. But the vegetable differs in the height of the bush. This is already a tall type of tomato, because its stems reach 180 centimeters in height.

Black gourmet and begins to bear fruit a little later, and is suitable for planting in a greenhouse. But her fruits are just as tasty, suitable for fresh consumption.

Rules for growing tomatoes in the open field

The description of the variety Lakomka allows us to classify it as a determinant type of heat-loving vegetable. They prefer to cultivate a vegetable plant in the open field. To start growing a variety is through sowing tomatoes for seedlings. As usual, planting is carried out 55-60 days before planting seedlings in the garden.

In mid-May, holes are prepared for seedlings. If the frosts are still continuing, then you can plant tomato seedlings obliquely, covering them with earth on top. One or two days under such a tire is not scary for a vegetable crop. Many people use paper caps for each bush as protection. They are folded from cardboard or newspaper.

Planting scheme for tomatoes Gourmet 60 x 60 centimeters. One square meter can accommodate up to six to seven plants. The volume of the tomato seedling holes is 30 x 30 x 30 centimeters. In each planting hole, two handfuls of humus, fifty grams of wood ash must be placed, mixing all the components with the sod composition of the soil.

The seedlings are immersed in the ground until the first true leaf, but with elongated seedlings - deeper. After the procedure, the tomato plantation must be watered abundantly. The best time of day for planting seedlings will be evening. This is a guarantee that the seedlings will overtake the plants planted in the morning by two to three days. Two weeks after placing tomato seedlings in open ground, it is necessary to treat the bushes with one percent Bordeaux liquid. This will save them from disease. Spraying is repeated after ten days.

Although Gourmand belongs to the determinant species, but for proper cultivation, the tomato is tied up so that the stems do not break under the weight of the fruit.

The rules for caring for tomatoes in the open field include:

  • abundant watering, which is reduced before the plant begins to bloom;
  • top dressing with mullein, diluted in a ratio of 1: 5, then with minerals - superphosphate, potassium salt, ammonium nitrate;
  • weeding plantings;
  • loosening the soil after watering, rain;
  • the formation of a bush in two or three stems.

In order for the tomatoes to ripen faster, be sure to remove the leaves that have shaded them. If flowers from tomatoes begin to fall off, then it is necessary to reduce watering, remove excess shoots, add phosphorus-potassium dressing.

What vegetable growers say about the variety

The truth about tomatoes of any kind will be expressed only by those who are engaged in the cultivation of determinate tomatoes. It is not without reason that gourmet is considered one of the most delicious and fruitful tomatoes. Reviews indicate that the undersized bush produces fruits of the same size, as for selection. Despite the unfavorable climatic and weather conditions, those who grew the sweet variety feast on ripe fruits in early July.

The daily preparation of vegetable salads strengthens the health of all members, young and old. Gourmet, like Sweet, is a favorite dessert for children. They are ready to eat juicy fruits from morning to evening. And from this they get a good mood, a surge of strength, health.

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