Description of the variety of tomato Golden Canary and its characteristics

Description of the variety of tomato Golden Canary and its characteristics

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The most popular among summer residents are varieties of medium ripening. The Golden Canary tomato belongs to this category. In addition, it is very productive and unpretentious.

Basic ideas about the variety

In order to prevent the most common mistakes when growing, you need to study the description of the species.


  • Bush: indeterminate.
  • Height 1.7-2 m.
  • Stem: strong.
  • Number of tomatoes in a brush: 30 ovaries.
  • Ripening period: 115-125 days.


  • Shape: elongated with a slight spout at the end.
  • Yellow color.
  • Weight: 70-100 gr.
  • Density: high.
  • Number of cameras: 2 pcs. (Less often 3 pcs.).
  • Taste: regular tomato, slightly sweet.
  • Transportability: high.
  • Shelf life: 1 month.

Planting and caring for the plant

Tomatoes are grown in seedlings. It is best to sow 60 days before planting in the ground. In phase 2 of a true leaf, the plants dive into individual pots. Before planting in open ground, it is imperative to harden the seedlings. To do this, 10 days in advance, they are taken out into the street and left on the first day for 20-30 minutes. The time is gradually increased to 8 hours.

Planted at 1m2 4 plants. Be sure to form by removing unnecessary stepsons. You need to leave 2-3 stems, this will be enough.

Brush varieties require special attention. They are tied up and shaped, removing excess ovaries.

After transplanting to a permanent place, plant feeding is required. At least 2 times, during flowering and active fruiting.

Watering is recommended after sunset, it is best if the water is warm. Plants should be weeded, hilled, loosened as needed. Remembering that these techniques are preventive measures against certain diseases.

Harvest volume and application

Tomatoes "Golden Canary", according to c, are capable of producing 3.5 kg of fruit per plant. But the reviews of summer residents speak of a much greater result, about 5-7 kg. All this is possible subject to compliance with all the requirements of agricultural technology and stable complex fertilizing.

The use of tomatoes is universal, they are suitable for fresh consumption and canning. Housewives claim that they look beautiful in cans when canned with whole fruits.

Disease susceptibility

The plant resists many diseases, but do not forget about timely preventive work. Until the plant begins to bloom and the fruit set can be treated with chemicals. After that, it is better to use folk methods of struggle.

What summer residents say about "Golden Canary" tomatoes

A lot of useful information can be obtained from the reviews of those who planted this variety on their site. In them, gardeners share their experience with those who want to try to grow the "Golden Canary".

  • Zinaida. Fruitful, but a little dry. A possible reason is that the plant has received less nutrients. Next year we will try to re-grow.
  • Svetlana. The brushes are amazing. Even the neighbors came to see them. They do not disintegrate in cans, pleasant to the taste.
  • Valentine. The brushes are beautiful, but there were only 2. The harvest did not please. There are more suitable varieties, we will not plant more.
  • Hope. I liked everything, the germination is excellent. But it is more suitable for preparations for the winter. Fresh salads are slightly dry.
  • Helena. Shaped into 2 stems. Nice appearance and great taste. More salt is needed for canning.

"Golden Canary" is not only a tasty and healthy vegetable, but also a decoration of the site. Perfect for connoisseurs of unusual varieties.

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