Description of the tomato variety Bouquet of Siberia, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Bouquet of Siberia, its characteristics and productivity

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Tomato Bouquet of Siberia f1 appeared relatively recently on the market of horticultural crops and in a short time gained popularity among professionals and amateurs. Today the firm "Aelita" acts as the originator. The plant belongs to hybrid varieties with an average ripening period. The period of mass fruiting begins 111-115 days after the appearance of the first shoots. The manufacturer claims the tomato variety is a high-yielding crop, which is indicated on the seed paper packaging.

The Siberian variety belongs to a variety of determinant species, the average height of the shoots reaches 1 meter. It is recommended to grow in open outdoor conditions or film covered structures. The advantage of the tomato variety is considered to be good transportability and resistance to a large list of tomato diseases.

What are the features of the fruit?

One tomato bush is capable of producing up to 30 fruits ripening at the same time. Vegetables have a special shape that is not typical for most tomato varieties. Cylindrical tomatoes with a perfectly smooth, flawless, even surface. The color of tomatoes has a rich red tint. The glossy skin is strong enough, which contributes to the good endurance of vegetables to external influences and conditions of difficult transportation.

The average weight of one tomato reaches 60 grams. Subject to the rules and recommendations for working with tomatoes from 1 m2 remove from 9 to 10 kg of vegetables. Reviews of tomato growers speak of the excellent tomato qualities of the variety. Tomatoes look good in salads, giving them a special zest. Due to their even shape and low weight, vegetables of this variety are used in canning as a whole-fruited material. Standard tomatoes of the same shape give an aesthetic appetizing look to cans of pickles.

How to work with a tomato variety?

Cultivation is carried out in a standard way by sowing seedlings to obtain seedlings. Sowing is carried out in small containers in the third decade of March. The soil is purchased in specialized stores or made independently. After the formation of one or two true leaves, a dive is performed.

When the tomato shoots are 45 to 55 days old, the seedlings are planted in a permanent growing place.

The place of cultivation is pre-prepared and plowed, it is recommended to carry out such work in the fall. Before direct planting, it is necessary to add humus and ash to the soil. A good disinfection effect is achieved by treating the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This action will destroy harmful microorganisms and reduce the risk of future occurrence of tomatoes. The best predecessors for the plant are carrots, greens such as parsley and carrots, as well as crops of the nightshade family.

The planting scheme is carried out observing a distance of 50 by 40 cm.At 1 m2 it is required to arrange from 4 to 5 bushes. Due to its high growth, the plant needs to be tied up and the green mass of the leaves removed. Caring for a horticultural culture consists in timely watering, loosening for a better oxygen supply, and removing weeds. Tomatoes respond well to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, which must be carried out several times during the growing season.

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