Wholesale artificial flowers

Wholesale artificial flowers

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Wholesale artificial flowers

Flowers accompany the most important moments of our lives with their delicacy, fragility and fragrance. Their reproduction represents at the same time the desire to make something extremely delicate lasting and the attempt to imitate nature at its best, which expresses all its mutability and complexity precisely in the flowers. That is why in order to reproduce the flowers it is necessary to know them in depth, to know how they are made inside as well as outside in order to be able to reproduce them in detail. The artisan production of fake plants has the flavor of art, in most cases it does not end with the creation of a single flower but includes the creation of harmonious compositions of great ornamental value. Fake flowers can be plastic, fabric or paper; in order to color fabric flowers, it is generally used the typical dyeing processes of fabrics, while for paper ones it is not uncommon to use paraffin paper and the use of an airbrush to obtain pleasant multicolored shades.

Characteristics of fake flowers

The fake flowers can be differentiated by quality and price. Quality affects a lot the design and the final result of a floral composition. It is therefore necessary to choose with accuracy since in some cases the fake flowers can be even more beautiful than the natural ones. It is advisable to take into account details such as the presence of veins on the leaves, the accuracy in reproducing the stamens and the brightness and vivacity of the colors and shades. The fake flower must therefore reproduce as closely as possible its natural correspondent, only in this way the ornamental effect will be excellent. Good quality flowers have metal wires inside the stems, leaves and along the edges of the petals. This allows you to shape them at will or restore their original shape at any time. Sturdiness is synonymous with quality, therefore the stems and leaves must be firmly attached to the rest of the flower and the colors must be lively and give off luster in lighter shades. To check the quality of the flowers you are about to buy, it is advisable to enlarge the buds and check if they keep the shape given to them; the best products will keep the shape given to them and will not suffer any damage.

Various types of artificial flowers

Taken individually the artificial flowers can accompany a greeting card, decorate any object and give the clothes a touch of class and elegance while the compositions are able to embellish any environment. The more they are similar to natural flowers, the greater the visual impact offered, while to make floral compositions of considerable beauty it could be useful to resort to some simple tricks such as the choice of heterogeneous foliage and the possibility of performing, if necessary, small pruning operations. to get the most natural look possible. The foliage appropriately placed around the stems can act as an element of cohesion between various flowers and represent the backbone of a composition. In reality, the word artificial flowers includes a large variety of synthetic plant species including leaves, branches, grass, aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables, succulents, berries and many other decorative elements that can be used to make real works art reproducing nature.

Wholesale artificial flowers: The wholesale market

The fake flowers cannot therefore be considered as mere substitutes for natural flowers, they are decorative elements used in different commodity sectors and intended for different types of consumers. The manufacturing companies make use of the collaboration of qualified floral designers to create designs to sell to chain stores, florists, artisans, creatives, event organizers, designers, companies operating in the furniture sector, furniture accessories manufacturers, etc. . The spread of the Internet and the consequent increase in e-commerce has recently widened the boundaries of this market segment by offering the possibility both to large wholesale companies and small artisans to be able to sell their products worldwide. In addition, the offer is so broad that retailers increasingly prefer to buy only the catalogs of the collections containing floral projects created by professional designers and then entrust the development of models and production to trusted companies and wholesalers. This all contributes to improving the quality of products, lowering their price and creating job opportunities in the fields of design, production and sales of fake plants. The products available on the market today faithfully reproduce a great variety of floral species present in nature and their beauty often exceeds the expectations of buyers. The fake flowers are also hypoallergenic, they do not wither, they are available in all seasons and do not require treatment.


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