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Question: Bonsai

Hi, they gave me a ginseng bonsai, I keep it in the office in a well sheltered position, from which it receives natural light even on Saturdays and Sundays. The only doubt is the temperature: when I'm not there, the heating is turned off. I live in Umbria and the climate is not particularly cold, but can it still be a problem? Thanks for the reply.

Answer: Bonsai

Dear Alessandra,
the ficus ginseng are very cultivated plants, above all for the fact that they tolerate very well the environmental conditions present in the house: although they are tropical plants, they do not like the excesses of watering and therefore they survive very well even in pot, and even if the treatments that we supply them are not always perfect and punctual. The position preferred by a bonsai of this type is in partial shade, with filtered light and no direct sunlight, which could ruin the leaves irreparably; therefore, even if in the office they should forget a shutter a little lowered for a couple of days, your plant should not suffer significantly. They are plants accustomed to fairly mild climates, with winters having temperatures close to 12-15 ° C, always. The main problem that could arise for your ficus therefore concerns the climate; although I find it difficult that in an office, which is lived during the week, and therefore will certainly have heating turned on, the temperatures drop below 12 ° C, even when, during a bridge, the office should remain closed for three or more days. So in theory the climate should never reach temperatures that you may worry about. The thing that could be stressful for the plant is the continuous change in temperature: from Monday to Friday around 20 ° C, from Saturday to Sunday around 16-18 ° C. But even here, I believe that in a closed house for two days the temperatures cannot fall in a few hours; it is therefore a plant that will pass about fifteen hours at 16 ° C, once a week. More than anything else he tries to water your ficus on Mondays, so that the water has the possibility to dry completely before the "cold" period of the weekend arrives.