Cedar in pot

Cedar in pot

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Question: Cedar in pot

Good morning! I was given a small potted cedar plant in October. I picked the ripe fruit and now, from the flowers, the first small fruits are appearing. I put it on the balcony, facing west. I live in Rome, so I don't it's very cold, but I wonder if I should cover it or put it in the house this season. The other day I put it in because of the strong wind, but I fear that this temperature change might not be good for him. And how many times I have to water it per week? Thanks

Answer: Cedar in pot

Dear Giulia,
like most citrus fruits, the citron, citrus medica, is a plant of Asian origin, cultivated for centuries also in the Mediterranean area; in particular, in Italy, the cedars are grown in some restricted areas of Calabria; as you well say, in Rome the climate is not ideal for citrus plants, but not even so cold that you have to force yourself to move your little tree in the house; indeed, cultivation in the home would certainly be more complex than the outdoor one, because at home the climate is too dry, and warm, and therefore you would condemn your plant to the total loss of flowers and fruits, and perhaps even a little of leaves. So, leave your cedar in the open quietly, already the shelter offered by the terrace is enough; clear that if it were to snow, or if there were to be cases of extremely cold temperatures, with persistent frosts, then it will be the case to cover your cedar with thick tissue, which will allow the plant to withstand even the cold. Place your cedar where it can enjoy as much sunlight as possible, a terrace to the east or south would be ideal, but since you can't move your home, if the only terrace you have is facing west, place the vase so that you enjoy the sun as soon as it hits the terrace; possibly the vase should also be near the walls of the house, so as to enjoy the shelter they can offer. Watering will be related to the climate: the soil should not remain dry for long, but not even soaked in water: periodically insert your fingers into the soil, if it is dry, water; if the plant is well exposed, it will also receive some rain water, which is perfect. Also because when it rains, even in full winter, the climate is usually not very rigid; and instead it often happens that a beautiful sunny day in full winter is associated with cold temperatures. Also supply fertilizer every 12-15 days; consider that your plant is in full vegetative growth, with flowers and fruits to be produced, so choose a good fertilizer also rich in microelements, possibly specific for citrus fruits. Especially in the period of fruit set, that is when the pollinated flower begins to swell the fruitlets, it is important that the plant receives the correct waterings, and is not left to dry completely; so even if you are cold and the winter climate doesn't make you want to go out on the terrace to take care of your cedar, you force yourself and make sure it doesn't have completely dry soil.