Containment by plants / trees

Containment by plants / trees

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Question: containment through plants / trees

Good evening,
I wanted to know which are the best solutions for containment through plants / trees on steep terrain. They pointed out to me some plants, including the eucalyptus, the pittosporum and again the armed meadows; if possible I would like your opinion on this, the area is about 250 m as the crow flies in front of the sea in Sicily.

Containment by plants / trees: Answer

Dear Giuseppe,
a steep terrain widely enjoys the help of plant roots, which contain the soil, so as to avoid crumbling and eventual small landslides; if you want to place plants in your land, the type also depends on what your tastes and desires are; considers that many tall trees produce a large and extensive root system, which is well suited to consolidating a steep terrain, but in addition to spreading underground, these plants also produce a large vegetation outside the ground, which surely modifies your land and your garden: cypresses, maples, junipers, maritime pines are all very suitable trees in these cases, as well as some species of eucalyptus; if you want to plant tall trees, go to the nursery and choose the ones you like best, advising you from the nursery; however, consider that tomorrow will be impressive elements, and very visible in your garden. In this case, laying an armored lawn is an excellent solution, because it allows you to consolidate the surface layer of soil, which over time will hold your plot on a slope. Everything depends however on how you intend to settle this area, because in addition to tall trees and armed meadows (which are in my way two completely opposite solutions) you can also think of planting shrubs, which will help you contain the soil , but at the same time they will embellish your garden; try to think of all the escarpments along the Italian motorways, which have been planted with broom and gorse, which in addition to helping to keep the ground stable, present a splendid flowering. But in addition to the brooms, the viburnum also has a good root system, like the viburnum vat, with a candid winter bloom; also the lilacs are excellent scarp shrubs, as well as the strawberry trees, typical of the Mediterranean scrub. Even the olive (phyllirea angustifolia) is typically planted along the steep terrain, as well as the hawthorn (crataegus), also in the species with a pinkish flower. Aromatic plant shrubs, such as myrtle or rosemary, which have very decorative and evergreen leaves, a very pleasant flowering, and not least the scented leaves are also widely used in these situations. You can also plant creeping plants such as cotoneaster varieties, or even pyracantha nane, which have beautiful foliage, spring flowering and even colored berries during the winter months. In this way, containment works using plants / trees as well as making the ground more stable can help to make it an integral part of your garden.


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