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Rifnet s.r.l.
via Europa 219 Concesio (BS)
1) The documentation, images, trademarks and anything else published and reproduced on this site are the property of Rifnet s.r.l., and reproduction by the public is prohibited.
The reproduction, total or partial copy, publication by any means, total or partial distribution of the material contained in the pages of this site are expressly prohibited without the explicit written authorization of Rifnet s.r.l. All images and information published are subject to licensing. All rights belong to Rifnet s.rl. (graphics, images, contents, structuring and site navigation).
2) Rifnet s.r.l. reserves the right to change videos and remove videos from the market without notice and without communication.
3) Billing: Rifnet s.r.l. will issue a special tax invoice for each order, addressed to the natural or legal person who placed the order, which will be sent to the email address designated by the Customer. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided to Rifnet s.r.l. for billing purposes.
Rifnet s.r.l. warns that, once issued, it will not subsequently be able to modify the sales invoices in compliance with current legislation.
4) Delivery: The videos can only be downloaded via digital download, it is not possible to obtain a copy of the videos on a support such as DVD CDR or BLUERAY.
5) Support: In the event of billing or technical problems, the customer can write to the following email address: administration @


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