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Birch is a deciduous tree, widespread especially in temperate and arctic regions of the northern hemisphere. Characterized by an elegant bearing and a very ornamental bark, it blooms around April-May with an atmospheric inflorescence. The most widespread species in Italy is the Alba Birch, which reaches 15-20 meters in height with a crown that can reach up to seven. Characteristic of this plant is the silvery bark that in the adult specimens becomes warty at the base. The leaves, with their typical wedge shape, are truncated at the base. Spontaneously the birches grow even in acid or sandy soils, but they prefer fertile and medium-textured substrates. To get them home, you need to wait for autumn or spring, taking care to remember that since birch trees have a very expanded root system, they should not be placed against walls or obstacles of this kind. Another element of weakness of the roots is represented by the root rot that can even cause the death of plants. Before being planted, the birch seedlings must spend two or three years in the nursery. As for grafts, instead, they should usually be performed in March.


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