Irrigation system on the terrace

Irrigation system on the terrace

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Irrigation system on the terrace

The plants on the terrace have a greater need for irrigation, so the design and construction of an efficient irrigation system will be fundamental. In this regard, we advise you to opt for a micro-irrigation system, also called drip irrigation.
This system takes water directly to the roots, slowly, gradually and without waste, maintaining the soil's moisture. To make it you have to attach a filter to the tap that purifies the water and a pressure reducer. It is connected to the line tube, resistant to ultraviolet rays, which will cover the entire perimeter along which the plants are arranged.
Along this pipe, by means of the connecting elements, the branch pipes that will arrive in the individual vessels or in the planters must be fixed. Finally, the drippers must be connected to them, delivering a variable amount of water between 2 and 20 liters per hour. This system can also be managed electronically via a control unit, so as not to require your physical presence. If you do not have electricity on the terrace, use a battery-powered control unit.
However, if you do not have such an advanced system, you can have recourse to more traditional systems for the periods when you are far away, at least for absences that are not too long: for example, you can put bottles of water upside down in the soil, which they will release day after day a sufficient amount of water for the survival of the plants.


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